Azusa Onodera returns with a swimsuit gravure to the big response “Weekly Playboy” with a fair body Voice of “Twinte strongest in swimsuit”

Azusa Onodera, a pure white canvas, updated Twitter on Monday, 28th. The off-shot of “Weekly Playboy” (Shueisha) released on the same day has been released.

[Photo]Azusa Onodera, off-shot of the second swimsuit gravure x twin tails

The up-and-coming group, Pure White Canvas, which gained immense popularity from young idol fans and made its major debut in March this year. Azusa Onodera has been the driving force behind the momentum of the white can from the beginning.

Onodera made her long-awaited gravure debut in “Weekly Playboy” in August of this year, and attracted attention as a rising star in the idol gravure world with her fair body. Such Onodera returns to “Weekly Playboy” released on the 28th.

“Weekly Playboy released today on 9/28 (Monday) will be featured in the October 12, 2020 issue of #TIF Online 2020 as the 5 people to watch. Weekly Pre-san who made the first gravure! I’m glad you said it! I think everyone helped me choose it! Thank you very much …! “, And released an off-shot with joy.

In the post, in addition to voices such as “The one who was completely found” and “I can see the second time so quickly”, “Twinte is the strongest in swimwear” and “It’s too good”, and the off-shot was praised.

▽ Azusa Onodera
Instagram: onoderaco

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