Hinatazaka46’s 18-year-old combination Nao Kosaka & Miku Kanemura “Naomiku” hugs and hearts tightly

Nao Kosaka and Miku Kanemura of the idol group Hinatazaka46 will appear on the cover and top gravure of the 44th issue of the manga magazine “Weekly Young Magazine” (Kodansha) released on the 28th. Nao Kosaka and Miku Kanemura were born on September 7, 2002 in Osaka Prefecture, and Kanamura was born on September 10, 2002 in Saitama Prefecture. Both are known as 18-year-old good friends Naomiku, and the unit song “See Through” is included in the first album “Hinatazaka” on sale. In the gravure, he shows a good friendship by hugging tightly with a smile that he shows because he is alone. I was fascinated by various appearances such as beautiful legs in shorts and a heart pose by two people.