Kenichi Takito, who plays the role of Yoshiaki Ashikaga in “Kirin ga Kuru”, is appointed as a “skilled person who can perform a wide range of performances”.

Actor Kenichi Takito plays the role of Kakukei (Ashikaga Yoshiaki) in the NHK Taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” (every Sunday from 20:00) starring Hiroki Hasegawa. The 13th Shogun Yoshiteru Ashikaga (Osamu Mukai) was murdered and became a candidate for the next Shogun. In the 25th “Ant Carrying Feathers” broadcast on the 27th, the aftermath of the name of Yoshiaki Ashikaga was depicted. A scene with Mitsuhide (Hiroki Hasegawa), who conveys the kind personality of Yoshiaki, has also appeared, but what is Yoshiaki Ashikaga drawn in this work? We talked to Mr. Masaru Ochiai, the executive producer, about Yoshiaki and Takito who plays (below). , Including the contents of the 25th session). In the 24th “Shogun’s Vessel” by Kenichi Takito, who played the role of Yoshiaki Ashikaga in “Kirin ga Kuru,” Kakukei told Mitsuhide, “I don’t like fighting, I’m afraid of dying. It’s scary, “he said. Seeing that figure, Mitsuhide thought he was not suitable for a shogun. And the 25th “Ant carrying wings”. Although Kakukei returned to the profession and called himself Ashikaga Yoshiaki, the attitude of Echizen and Asakura Yoshikage (Yusuke Santamaria) who wanted to accept him was not decided, and he was forced to get stuck in the vicinity. One day, Yoshiaki finds an ant carrying butterfly wings that are much larger than his body. Then, when he met Mitsuhide again, he told the episode, “A fellow ant came up and tried to help me, but I tried to carry it by myself. The ant is me. I likened myself to the ant. Yoshiaki continued, “I can’t carry the big feather of a shogun alone, but with help.” After telling him that he was still at a loss, he said, “If I become a shogun, I may be able to save people who have not been able to reach me until now. Given that, it is not bad to become a shogun,” Mitsuhide said. I think it’s a good idea, “he praises that idea. When Mitsuhide met Yoshikage, he added, “For example, if a strong lord supports you, you may become a good general.” The kind-hearted personality of Yoshiaki was drawn, but regarding Yoshiaki Ashikaga in this work, Mr. Ochiai, the executive producer, said, “Yoshiaki was born in a samurai family, but he has never had a sword, as a gentle and weak existence. It will be drawn. ” And, “Because of its kindness, I will soon be exiled to Nobunaga, but the key to the story is how Yoshiaki’s” Compassion for Creatures “engraved in Mitsuhide will affect Mitsuhide later. It may become. ” Regarding the appointment of Takifuji, he said, “I thought that he was a skillful person who could perform a wide range of performances, and even though he was a samurai builder, he could express the kindness of a samurai, so I asked him to play Yoshiaki.” He revealed, “He himself said that he was a difficult role, but at this point I think he has played the last general.” The impressive ant episode is the idea of ​​the script Shunsaku Ikehata. Mr. Ochiai said, “Mr. Ikebata often uses animals and insects as a drama device. I think this is a technique because he is familiar with TV dramas, which are set plays.” (C) NHK