“Negative Rikishi” Masayo: Gaining confidence with experience and horsepower to Shin-Oseki

Negative wrestler Masayo Tonseki grabs confidence with experience and horsepower September 28 at 12:48 a.m.

“I don’t want to hit everyone as much as possible.”
Masayo was once a hot topic as a negative wrestler from his remarks that showed a beary side at the Shin-Ten-Ryo press conference. With the mental strength he learned from his experience in the championship fight and the horsepower he had gained from his trained body, he won his first championship and ensured Oseki’s place.

A sumo wrestler without le0s.

“If I can get my own sumo, I think I’ll get some grades.”
After the first day of the tournament, Masayo, who talked flatly, did not have the image of him as a negative wrestler.

The 28-year-old Masayo was promoted to Shinsekiwaki in 2014 when he stepped on the first sumo ring in the former sumo tournament, and was promoted to Shinsekiwaki in 11 places. As a sumo wrestler who made his debut in the former sumo wrestling after Showa 33, which became a six-place system in the year, it was a speed success that entered three fingers.

It is also true that, on the other hand, a unique sense of sumo is highly evaluated, such as the softness of the upper body that receives the power of the opponent, and the strength at the end of the ring is highly evaluated, but there were many parents who pointed out the lack of things as negative “greedy wrestlers” including remarks at Shinju-Ryo and Shin-Inmaku press conference.

The first place “What I did was not a mistake”

It was the first time for me to say that such a sumo wrestler had become one of the turning points. Masayo spent about three years falling to the flat curtain from the three roles he grasped in his speed career.
I joined the championship fight until Chiakiraku in the first place, and I gave my best 13 wins in the fourth front to play against the top team, and looked back, “It was the first thing I was confident about, and I felt that what I had done so far was not a mistake.”

When I returned to Sekiwaki, I won for the first time in three roles, and in July, when I won 11 games, I experienced my second championship fight, and if I took my sumo wrestling, I was confident that I would not lose even against a high-ranking opponent.

“Pressure to come out in front”

So what is your sumo?
After that, we saw a big change in the way we took it. Up to now, Masayo, who has been conspicuously sumo wrestlers who receive the opponent’s attack with his chest from the height of his hips, has been attacking in front of him since the first place, and the president of the Japan Sumo Association, Hachikaku, said, “There is pressure to come out in front of him. The horsepower has increased.”

Masayo gave training centered on the lower body as one of the factors that increased horsepower. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the practice of bumping into each other was restricted, and from around May, when the summer place was canceled, “If you can’t get sumo, let’s face your body on the contrary” thorough training of the lower body using equipment to increase the instantaneous power. Masayo felt the effects of the training and became more confident, “the pressure has increased and there are fewer sumo wrestlers who are late because of their standing.”

The true value shown in the Oseki war

I’ve just picked you up. It was the late Oseki match in which Masayo, who had piled up a white star in sumo to go out from the first day and decide the game with a quick attack, showed his true value.

On the 13th day, in the match against Takakagekatsu, the power of the push will win against one of the best opponents in the active service, without lying down even one step.

On the 14th day of the match against Asanoyama, the team won the pressure on each other’s bodies and overslened Asanoyama by floating his hips.
President Hachikaku said, “We won the horsepower. I couldn’t imagine it.”

Then, he showed his strength to reverse the match at the end of the ring with Chiakiraku, who said he was “the most nervous in his sumo career” and won his first championship.

Masayo finally won the cup with the mental strength he had cultivated through many championship fights and the strength of his horsepower, which he proved by defeating both Oseki.

After the award ceremony, when asked about Oseki, whose promotion was certain, he replied, “It’s a position that takes a lot of responsibility, so I’ll leave it as if I could go up.”

However, the remark and the expression seemed to drift the style of Oseki which hidden confidence in the chest early unlike before.