Ungirls talks after “ANN” –Tanaka vs Wakabayashi “Battle over life”

The Nippon Broadcasting System “Ungirls’ All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)”, in which the laughter combination Ungirls served as a personality, was broadcast on the 26th at midnight (27: 00-) (listening to “radiko” time-free from the broadcast to one week. Possible). From left: Takushi Tanaka, Yoshiaki Yamane-Nippon Broadcasting System “All Night Nippon” has been the first in 16 years since 2004. In addition, before the broadcast, there was a scene where he broke into the previous program “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” (every Saturday from 25:00) and talked with Audrey’s Masayasu Wakabayashi and Toshiaki Kasuga about “Which is the senior”. After asking questions to the two through the program staff, Yoshiaki Yamane and Takushi Tanaka of Ungirls developed a “free talk” with the same amount of heat after the live broadcast. In addition, Tanaka struck “anger” against Audrey Wakabayashi and “Little Tooth” (the name of the listener of “Audrey’s All Night Nippon”).

■ “Everything didn’t go according to the setup”

――Please tell us your impressions after the live broadcast. Tanaka: It was a ridiculous start, in our case. I rushed in from the ass of the previous program, started with that amount of heat, and everything did not go according to the setup. Isn’t there a personality that doesn’t introduce itself? Yamane: I like radio, so I listened to various programs of this “Comedy Radio Star Week”, but I wanted to do it with a more calm tone (laughs). “All Night Nippon” is played with a calm tone that is a little different from TV, even with Ninety-nine. I wanted to do that, but from the beginning it felt like full throttle. Tanaka: I didn’t introduce myself at the beginning, I didn’t explain how to call the listener “Little Janga”, and I pushed the corners (laughs). Everything wasn’t on schedule, and the most embarrassing thing for me was that Yamane said the page number. I don’t want to know that there is a script. Yamane: Oh yeah! Tanaka: The moment Yamane said “Page 6 ~”, I already knew that blood was bleeding. It’s the first time I’ve been humiliated like this. Yamane: What does humiliation mean (laughs)? Tanaka: It’s not humiliation. I was told the page number. Yamane: No, because you said “I’ll say your name”, but you suddenly stopped saying your name. I’ll do it only once, and I won’t say it even though it’s written on page 6. Tanaka: I’m saying the page number here as well! I’m not saying page 6. Remember that “6 pages” is a shame of our lifetime. Don’t say “page 6” for the rest of your life, thinking it’s a shame for the rest of your life. From there, suddenly I got an email from Little Tooth calling me “Tana”. Yamane: No, no (laughs). From the beginning. Tanaka: No! It grew over there. We were bullish, but that was the first time we had a chance.

■ Tanaka vs Audrey Wakabayashi “will continue”

–I was also invading the previous program “Audrey’s All Night Nippon”. How about the “senior / junior dispute” with Mr. Audrey? Tanaka: I won’t give up a step. The moment you give it up, Wakabayashi is a person who thoroughly crushes and drives you. Yamane: Because I’m doing MC, the other side is more persuasive. “If Mr. Wakabayashi goes like this, I should feel like Tana,” is spreading throughout the entertainment world. Tanaka: You’re told at once. Something like Yuki Kimura (Yuki Kimura) started to say “Tana”. That’s humiliation. Yamane: Do you hate it? Tanaka: I hate it, “Tanaka-san, right?” But (Wakabayashi) is influential, so that could happen, so this battle is still going on. Yamane: A battle that doesn’t penetrate the world and the staff (laughs). Tanaka: He poisons everything on the radio and does it refreshingly on TV. I have to tell more about the “dirty mouse” on the radio. This “controversy over which is the senior” will destroy his stronghold. Yamane: But Wakabayashi-kun, when I listen to the radio, I think “I don’t get poisoned more than when I was on TV,” but the momentum against Tana is the strongest (laughs). I thought it was different from the amount of heat for other people. Tanaka: When I went to “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” before, I put water in a bottle cap and it was sprinkled with water. Is there such a radio !? In a place with a lot of electrical equipment like this, he sprinkled water! At that moment I thought that I had to crush the human being called him over my life. Yamane: I don’t know why it’s so underestimated. I wonder if there is a relationship between the two. Tanaka: Well, it’s long. I’ve been fighting since I was doing “latent uniqueness”. No one has been asking for it since then, but it’s been a fight for over 10 years. It’s not a cheap fight like “someone is rubbing something” around that. We’re really fighting for life. It’s the longest in the history of performing arts, longer than the “Mitchie Satchie Uproar”. Yamane: What’s the solution? Tanaka: Let me say “it’s synchronous”. Yamane: It would be nice if they were on the same line. Tanaka: It’s about the same time (laughs)! It doesn’t mean that you can say “senior”. Yamane: You don’t want to be in the upper ranks, you just want to line up. Tanaka: Even though I haven’t put out such a big condition, I won’t give it up.