Development of a face shield exclusively for geisha Matsuyama with Corona Virus measures

Geisha-only Face Shield Development Corona Virus Measures Matsuyama September 29 22:40

A trading company in Matsuyama City has developed a dedicated face shield to allow “geisha” to act while preventing the infection of the new coronavirus.

This face shield was developed by Ehime Paper, a trading company headquartered in Matsuyama City.

Because the string of 1 meter in length is wrapped around the wig’s snout and worn, the shape of the wig is hard to collapse, and makeup is devised so that it is hard to attach makeup by making a space between the forehead and the shield.

The Dogo Yunomachi inspection number, a group of geisha in Matsuyama City, has been wearing a commercially available face shield, but it took about two months for a company that received a request from the organization to develop it this month because it did not fit the size or shape of the wig, or because the forehead hit the shield and makeup fell off, and it was not easy to use.

Miho Tanaka, the wife of the group, said, “We are still in a difficult situation, but we would like to show that we are firmly anti-infection measures with Face Shield.”

Tsunehisa Yamamoto, president of Eme Paper, said, “I think there are other people who are in equal trouble besides geisha. In the future, if we have developed it with great great great deals, we would like to expand our sales channels outside the prefecture by promoting this product through SNS and other means.”