“Gold License” renewal courses available online

“Gold License” renewal course available online September 29 at 12:21 p.m.

For so-called Gold License drivers who have no violations, the National Police Agency has decided to introduce a system that allows them to take courses online when renewing their licenses. The aim is to reduce waiting times and reduce congestion.

It is a good driver with a so-called gold license of no accident and no violation in the past five years to be able to take the course online at the time of the renewal of the driver’s license.

Currently, I take the course while watching videos for about 30 minutes at the police station and driver’s license test station, but if I wish, I can take the course at home using a smartphone or a computer.

However, because there is a photograph taking and aptitude test, it is necessary to go to the police station etc. once at the time of the procedure.

As a new type of corona antivirus, since the number of people is limited in the course at the time of license renewal, the waiting time is longer and the aim is to reduce congestion.

The National Police Agency is considering introducing the necessary expenses in the budget request for the next fiscal year on a trial trial in some municipalities in the fall of next year, and then throughout the country.