Introducing uka’s hand cream-same scent as that nail oil from morning till night

uka will release “uka Hand Cream” on September 30th. Pre-sale at “Cosmetic Kitchen”, “Makeup Kitchen”, “People by Cosmetic Kitchen”, “Cosmetic Kitchen WEB STORE”, “uka Salon”, and “Online Store ukakau” nationwide. “Uka hand cream” development period is 3 years. It has the same scent as the brand’s iconic nail oil, and is said to have been made with particular attention to texture and usability. The concept is “hand cream that makes you want to keep using it”, and you can use it from morning till night according to your mood and scene. “The number of hand washing and sterilization has increased, and my hands are in a harsher environment than before. I hope that my hands, which I am working hard every day, can be healed with the scent and the ingredients that I am particular about. It’s a hand cream for adults who are good at it, “says the company. By using neroli water extracted from bitter orange flowers instead of water as the base, the moisturizing effect is enhanced and the texture is rich. It also has the effect of tightening the skin. In addition, the basic ingredients are French cinara oil, which is rich in linoleic acid, and inca inch oil, which is native to Amazon and has a high content of vitamin E. “Uka hand cream 7:15 (Nana strawberry)” “uka hand cream 13:00 (Ichisan zero zero)” (50ml / 3,500 yen each), “uka hand cream 18:30 (Ichihachisan zero)” “uka hand cream 24: Available in 4 types: 45 (Niiyonyongo) “(50ml / 3,800 yen each). 7:15 is a Japanese-style scent of yuzu, sandalwood, and cypress. At 13:00, refreshing mint, lemon, pine, and spices with the scent of Ritzakbeba and marjoram. Moisturizes with a light, non-greasy texture. At 18:30, a gorgeous yet light scent with rose, geranium, orange and jasmine accents. At 24:45, the lavender has a sweet vanilla scent, and the orange gives an elegant impression. Moisturizes with a nice texture. * Price does not include tax