Soichi Noguchi’s first US private spacecraft to be boarded launched on October 31

Launch of NASA’s first US civilian spacecraft scheduled to board Soichi Noguchi October 31st 10:46 Launch of NASA’s first US civilian spacecraft scheduled to board Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and others However, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) announced that it will be held on October 31st. The civilian spacecraft “Crew Dragon” was developed by the American company “SpaceX” for astronauts to make a round trip between the Earth and the International Space Station. The first unit is Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese astronaut. Four astronauts will be on board.

NASA has announced that it will launch the first unit at 3:40 pm on October 31, Japan time. Noguchi and his colleagues plan to stay at the space station for six months to conduct scientific experiments.

“Crew Dragon” is expected to undertake the regular transportation of astronauts from NASA, and has become a symbol of the commercial use of space by companies.

Mr. Noguchi was born in Kanagawa prefecture, and this is his third space flight.

Chigasaki City’s local organization “I’m really happy” that has been supported for many years

In Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where Soichi Noguchi grew up, Yoshinori Maekawa, a core member of a local organization that has been supporting Noguchi for nearly 20 years, said, “Mr. Noguchi will challenge as an aviator for the first private spacecraft. I’m really happy with the pride of Chigasaki City. I’ll do my best to support you so that you can finish the mission safely. ”