The NPO predicts the Nobel Peace Prize, an organization that works to defend freedom of the press?

Nobel Peace Prize expected by NPO to defend press freedom or September 29 at 12:27 p.m.

Every year, Norwegian research institutions, which are expecting Nobel Peace Prize winners, have listed an international NPO working to defend press freedom as a candidate for the winner, which will be announced next month. Referring to the dissemination of information in conflict areas, he said that winning the award would be a decisive message to the importance of press and freedom of speech.
Every year, Norway’s Oslo Peace Research Institute, which anticipates the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, today announced its nominees for the award.

As a result, the CPJ Committee for the Protection of Journalists, an international NPO that advocates freedom of the press, emphasized the need for information dissemination in conflict areas and under a strong regime and reliable information on fake news.

The CPJ, headquartered in the United States, continues to investigate the realities of each country’s press and appeal for the protection of journalists’ rights, and the Oslo Peace Research Institute says that winning the award “will be a decisive message that appeals to the international community about the importance of press and freedom of speech.”

And I’m not expecting it again.
Alaa Salah, a female activist who led anti-government protests in Sudan, Africa
Alexei Nawarinui, leader of Russia’s opposition forces who is believed to have been attacked with nerve agents,
Iriham Tofti imprisoned for appealing for Uighur rights in China
Mr. Rakan, who led a large-scale protest called the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong six years ago, is also mentioned.

The winners of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on the 9th of next month.