Arco & Peace, “Brave Ah Ah” Prime Zone Advancement “Goal Maintains Status”

TV TOKYO’s “Brave Ah Ah-a game program that can be seen somehow even with zero game knowledge-“, in which the laughter combination Arco & Peace acts as MC, will be released every Thursday (midnight 1: 30-) to every Saturday (22:22) from October 3rd. Move the frame to 30 ~). Advance into the prime zone. Regarding the advancement to the prime zone, Yuki Hirako said, “I thought it was a flag to end,” and Kenta Sakai said, “I thought it was a surprise at first,” but “(even in the prime zone) what I’m doing hasn’t changed at all.” Reveal. We asked him not only about “Brave Ah Ah”, but also about the current position of the duo and the recently launched official YouTube channel “Alpy Channel”.

■ “I thought it was a surprise” when I entered the prime zone

――How was your feeling when you heard about the advance into the prime zone? Hirako: I thought it was a flag to end … (laughs). I thought the flag was set. Sakai: I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t hear the reputation of seeing it, so I felt like it wouldn’t be possible. At first I thought it was a surprise. ――How about the earlier broadcast time? Hirako: That doesn’t mean that Haruka Ayase will come to the promoter. Recording (broadcasting in the prime band) has already started, but I think that the production team has begun to look at the prime side a little because there are female guests, but the plan has not changed. Sakai: What I’m doing hasn’t changed at all, and the people who are out have changed a little, but rather I recorded it so that it would be broadcast around 3 o’clock in the middle of the night. I’m wondering if I’m responsible for it, but I’m surprisingly recording it as before. Hirako: Also, since the previous program was “Binokyojintachi”, what kind of layer do you want to pull? I think you will be asked a little academic content. After that, I have to look at the numbers once. I don’t think I’ll be able to laugh with the production team saying “I got 0.2” like before, so I’d like to go about 0.4 or 0.5.

■ “Nothing has changed from midnight so far”

–Are there any requests from the program side to “improve here” when entering the prime zone? Hirako: I wasn’t wondering if I could do a program set, and so far it hasn’t changed from midnight. I also requested a costume, but I kept the school uniform with thick fabric. I said it about 10 times, but it doesn’t change that it doesn’t change (laughs). Sakai: Well, I’ve been wearing uniforms for a long time, but the quality of the uniforms on TV Asahi (“Kushijiri-sensei”) was insanely good. After all, there is a desire to emulate TV Asahi in that area (laughs). –Mr. Ariyoshi, a senior at the office, is also running the game program “Ariyoshi eeeeee!” On TV TOKYO. Do you have any collaborations in the future? Hirako: I was allowed to appear in “Ariyoshi eeeeee!”, And I recorded it once at home, but I felt lonely because I was just doing it with Taka and Toshi. “I wish I could collaborate with Taka and Toshi anyway” (laughs). Is there something, collaboration? But it’s not at this point, so I don’t think it will happen in the future (laughs). –Did Mr. Ariyoshi say anything about entering the prime zone? Hirako: I haven’t met yet (since it was decided to advance to the prime zone) and I haven’t talked about that, but the amount of data is so great that you should know it. –Mr. Sakai served as a September assistant for Mr. Ariyoshi’s radio program (“SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER” by Hiroiki Ariyoshi). Sakai: That’s right. I’m grateful that he said something like “I’m glad”, which is unusual during the radio production. ――Many stars such as Crystal Noda and Nobuo have been born from “Brave Ah Ah”. Hirako: We’re the only ones who maintain the status quo, and we’re seeing more and more talented people come out. I heard that Nobuo started to have a wide range of game jobs, raised rent, and moved. I’ve been living here for a long time, so I’m wondering what’s different, but it wouldn’t be good if I couldn’t do it for four years (laughs). Sakai: I feel like I’ve been getting more and more work around me, and I’ve been squeezed out by saying, “Oh, we’re MCs” (laughs). Hirako: However, the number of people who can talk to small children has increased unexpectedly. It seems that my child is watching what I recorded, and more and more people talk to me while I’m nervous.