Audrey, Bomb Remarks & Expectations for the Essence !? “Audrey Here and There” First Paid Online LIVE

A variety show of laughter combination Audrey “Audrey here and there-Kasuga’s store is open?” (TV TOKYO every Tuesday 25: 35-) will be released on October 28th for the first paid online LIVE “Celebration! Audrey opening here 1” Anniversary party ~ Kasuga’s shop, tonight is a complete reservation system! ~ “Will be held. In the same program of Audrey, a hot topic guest appeared every time, and in a cozy atmosphere, we had a crazy talk with the two of Audrey that we can not usually talk to. Even in the recordings so far, “naked words” have been fired in rapid succession, but what kind of bomb remarks will be made in the forbidden “live broadcast” “online LIVE” is drawing attention. Online LIVE will start at 20:00 on October 28th and will be distributed from Streaming +. The archive period is until 23:59 on November 1st. Tickets are 2,000 yen, and a limited number of coasters are 2,700 yen (shipping fee is not included).

Audrey comment

I am very happy to have the 1st anniversary event of the program. This is what Audrey is good at, a small group of people. I’ll be enthusiastic! Please take a look!

Nobuyuki Sakuma Producer (TV TOKYO Creative Business Department) Comments

Thanks to “Audrey here and there”, we are celebrating the first anniversary of the program. No pre-questionnaire, no meetings, undecided recording time … It is the charm of Audrey and the guests that such a program has continued for a year and has become loved by various people. By starting this program, I became more and more interested in people, and now other programs are even more fun … Wakabayashi-kun was impressed when he said in the recording the other day. I think one program can create such a good cycle.I would like to celebrate the first anniversary of the program, which is important for both MC and staff! However, I have to be careful about careless remarks … Oh, it’s a paid live show. Lol