Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Masanori Shimomura, verbally cautions Mr. Mizue Sugita on the issue of his remarks.

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, Masanori Shimomura, Oral Attention to Mr. Mizue Sugita on the Issue of Remarks September 30, 5:30 p.m.

On the issue of sexual crimes and other matters in which a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mizue Sugita, allegedly said, “Women tell lies as much as they want,” Mr. Shimomura, the chairman of the research committee, cautioned Mr. Sugita verbally, saying that a thorough explanation was necessary to accurately convey the true meaning of the remarks.
At a party meeting held last week, a member of the House of Representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mizue Sugita, is said to have said that “women tell lies as much as they want” over sex crimes and other issues, but Mr. Sugita himself has denied it.

On this, Mr. Shimomura, Chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, heard the situation from Mr. Sugita himself at the party headquarters on the afternoon of the 30th.

While Mr. Sugita explained that he “has not made statements intended to despise women,” Mr. Shimomura cautioned verbally, saying that “inviting a series of reports can atrophie future free and difficult discussions, and it is necessary to explain more carefully so that the true meaning of the remarks can be accurately conveyed.”

After this, Mr. Sugita told reporters, “I was cautioned to explain more politely, so I would like to write it firmly on my blog in the future,” and did not respond to subsequent questions from reporters.

Mr Shimomura also told reporters, “I heard the situation yesterday from the person in charge of the party’s meeting who is said to have made the remarks, but the meeting is basically held under a rule that is private and not public. The way to explain what you can agree on is to judge it.”

Former Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party Ishiba “Needs explanation as a party”

Mr. Ishiba, the former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, told reporters in Tokyo, “We have to avoid commenting because we don’t know under what circumstances, but as far as we know in the press, it hurts women’s sincere feelings. Mr. Sugita was elected proportional representative of the House of Representatives, and since he was asked to vote as a Liberal Democratic Party, it is necessary not only to explain himself but also to explain it as a party.”

Mr. Edano, Representative of Ritsumin, said, “Speaking is out of the question.”

Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party said at a press conference, “Mr. Sugita’s remarks are frankly out of the question. The LDP, which has been elected as a sole candidate for proportional representation in the House of Representatives and has approved Mr. Sugita and accepted such remarks, is being questioned.”

Representative Tamaki: “I’m not qualified to be a member of the Diet”

At a press conference, Tamaki, head of the National Democratic Party of Japan, said, “If the people who are saddened by their remarks and have a hard time do not have imagination, they are not eligible to be members of the Diet. It’s an unforgivable act, and since he was elected as a proportional candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party alone, the LDP should take appropriate action.”