Fraud cases of “sustained benefits” spread fraudulent tricks on SNS one after another

“Sustainable Benefit” Fraud Case Series September 30 12:35 Spreading Fraud Tricks on SNS

There have been a series of cases in which companies affected by the new coronavirus are tricked out of the “sustained benefits” provided by the government.
It is believed that some groups are systematically applying for the case, and police authorities are strengthening their crackdowns.

The sustained benefits support small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses 1,000 yen, which have lost significant sales due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and up to 1 million yen will be paid to individuals with up to 2 million yen to corporations.

While the application process is relatively easy, there have been a number of cases where benefits have been defrauded by submitting documents claiming a significant decrease in sales.

The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested three people on suspicion of fraud, including Takehiko Yamamoto, 45, of Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, who is not known for his occupation, and Yusuke Obikane, 37, of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, for swindled one million yen.

According to the person concerned, there is a group that teaches how to fraud using SNS and earns rewards, and systematically applys for such a thing in the name of any number of people.

Police officials have called for increased enforcement and caution that “unauthorized acts with easy feelings can be a serious crime.”

More than 10 in Japan

The illegal receipt of “sustained benefits” provided by the government to businesses that have lost sales due to the Corona Virus antivirus is one after another nationwide.

In July, a male university student in Saitama Prefecture was arrested for the first time in Japan for swindled benefits by applying for the case under the guise of an individual business operator.

In August, three men, including a company executive, were arrested for defrauding benefits by submitting a ledger claiming that business income had dropped significantly in Aichi Prefecture.

The three men are suspected of having defrauded 400 million yen by applying for about 400 people.

Cases of defrauding sustained benefits have been confirmed more than 10 cases nationwide, and according to those concerned, it is that the method is spreading through SNS etc.