[Free monitor recruitment]Lego debut from one and a half years old-With LEGO Duplo, the possibilities of children are endless!

“Educational toys” that greatly support the growth and development of children. Even if you know the existence, should you play not only ordinary toys but also educational toys? There are so many dads and moms who have been worried that there are so many in the world that they have no idea what to choose! .. I asked about 100 moms who are raising children about such educational toys. At the end of the article, we are also looking for a free monitor for “LEGO Duplo” for small children, which is sold by the world’s leading toy brand LEGO! Please check it out. Apply for LEGO® Duplo Monitor ▶ Top concerns about educational toys …!? First, I asked again how widespread educational toys are. More than 70% of moms answered “yes”. It seems that there are various points of contact, such as not only purchasing by yourself, but also receiving gifts and interacting with them at nursery schools and children’s centers. Next, about the age at which I first played with educational toys. About 40% of the respondents answered “up to 1 year old” and “1 year 1 month to 2 years old”. In other words, the majority were under 2 years old. Even if you can’t speak the language yet, your child’s brain is growing rapidly. It may be my friendship that I should start intellectual education from an early stage !? However, educational toys have higher hurdles than ordinary toys !? When asked about their worries, the following answers were lined up. In the 1st and 2nd place, the worries about “whether children will enjoy it” were lined up. After all toys are for children. Some educational toys seem a little difficult and some are too stylish in design, so it seems that there is a lot of concern about whether they will bite first and then play without getting tired of it. The voice of “I don’t know which product is good” also went up to 3rd place. Apply for the LEGO® Duplo Monitor ▶ The world’s leading educational toys “LEGO Duplo” are full of educational toys. I definitely want to play it, but I don’t know if my child will like it or what to buy … In order to answer the voice of such a mom, I actually played with that “Lego” that you all know! History of Lego Started in 1932 in Denmark. Known as a representative of educational toys, it attracts families all over the world with its charm that goes beyond intellectual education, but many people may have wondered, “Isn’t Lego a toy for bigger children?” Maybe. Actually, there is a Lego block that you can play from one and a half years old! This time, “Lego Duplo” will appear. This series features large blocks that can be played from the age of one and a half, created with the concept of “first Lego”.Dupro container
Super Deluxe Target age: Around 1 and a half years old ~ Click here for details> Around 1 and a half years old ~ The target LEGO Duplo starts from “touch, grab, line up”. The stimulation to the five senses helps the development of the brain, so it’s perfect for the debut of educational toys! Momoka-chan, the daughter of M-san, a mama employee of the Mynavi News editorial department, will play. is. Momoka-chan is the first to play with Lego. Mr. M was worried about Lego because he had an experience of being recommended by his mom friend, “It’s a toy that will last a long time because it will play even when you grow up.”

Large parts made in a size that cannot be swallowed

Spread the parts from the container and start playing Lego for the first time. The first thing Momoka grabbed was … brightly colored flowers! LEGO Duplo also has parts that have shapes from the beginning, such as cute dolls, dogs, and flower-shaped blocks. It’s easy for children to get interested! I was also biting into dolls and cars. Mr. M’s first impression when he saw his child was … “It’s safe because the parts are big.” Yes, this is the feature of LEGO Duplo. It’s a large size that can’t be swallowed by mistake. In addition, there are particular points for safety and security.

“Breaking” and “cleaning up” are also fun games!

Momoka-chan seems to like the flowers. I was able to pull the flowers that were stuck to the other blocks as well. It’s a power that can’t be underestimated for 1 year and 6 months !! When M-san saw it, he said, “I think it’s really fun to” break “.” This time, the play of breaking things made by adults has started! The tree house, which was made of about 15 parts, could be disassembled with the help of mom. Mr. M had the image of “a toy that adults have to watch all the time” for blocks. Seeing how he was playing intensively today, he seemed to change his mind that he could be compatible with housework by looking at it while doing the laundry. “Cleaning up” is also a fun play. I grabbed the parts well by myself and easily held the large lid of the storage box! Finally, I asked Mr. M for his frank impressions. “Some educational toys have a narrow target age, but I thought that Lego could be used for a long time. Even if you can’t make a shape, you can play enough! Today,” Stick / Hanasu “and” Break “. I played “clean up”, but if I became more aware of colors and things, I wondered if I could imitate what my parents made or start “playing with dolls”. I’m excited to see if you can play with me. ”Click to enlarge When asked what kind of growth you want from the perspective of“ educational toys ”,“ I want my fingertips and hands to be dexterous! I think I’ll be impressed if you show me the creativity that adults can’t think of, such as making a signal with a toy. ” Wanted a monitor! Why don’t you play with LEGO Duplo? The LEGO Duplo for ages 1 and a half and up introduced this time. We are looking for a monitor to play with the sample block !! A sample block will be given to parents whose first child is 2 years old or younger. It is a condition that you answer the questionnaire about your impressions of playing with your child.

Recruitment period September 30, 2020 (Wednesday) -October 31, 2020 (Saturday) 23:59
Application deadline until 23:59 on Saturday, October 31, 2020
How to apply Please fill in the required information on the questionnaire page and apply
Number of applicants 1,000 ● Monitor conditions
・ Parents whose first child is 2 years old or younger
・ Those who live in Japan
・ Those who can answer the Mynavi News questionnaire after participating in the monitor
(The shipping address of the award is also limited to Japan)
* Winners will be announced with shipping. * The target age of the sample product is one and a half years old or older. ● Monitor contents
Winners of the monitor will be asked to complete a simple web questionnaire after playing with their children on “Lego from the age of one and a half”. Question sample:
Was sampling useful / do you want it in the future / do you want to recommend it to others / please briefly tell us what your child is doing when playing … etc. Lego play with fingertips has a positive effect on growth by starting early Will give you. With just four sample blocks, your child’s possibilities may expand infinitely !? Why don’t you take this opportunity to make your LEGO debut? Apply for LEGO® Duplo Monitor ▶[Questionnaire about educational toys]
Survey period: September 11th to 16th, 2020
Survey target: Moms in their 20s and 40s
Number of surveys: 108
Survey method: Mynavi Woman Internet Survey

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