From tomorrow, immigration restrictions will be relaxed Kansai Airport will continue to be in a quiet situation as water’s measures are strengthened.

From tomorrow, immigration restrictions will be relaxed Kansai Airport will continue to strengthen water-water measures at 6:46 p.m. on September 30.

In principle, the government has decided to ease immigration control measures for the whole world from October 1 over water countermeasures for the new coronavirus.
At Kansai Airport, quarantine stations are strengthening measures, but international flights arrive and depart for only one day, and the airport remains quiet.

With regard to the Corona Virus measures, the government has, in principle, eased immigration restriction measures for the whole world from October 1, and will allow new entry into Japan sequentially for foreigners with medium- to long-term status of residence.

The quarantine station at Kansai Airport has established a new inspection center this month to respond to the increase in the number of people entering the country, and is strengthening water-level measures.

By collecting 20 salivas at a time and using four testing instruments, we are increasing the number of “antigen tests” to 1800 people a day, nearly four times as many as today.

The quarantine station representative said, “The number of people entering the country is expected to increase in the future, and we would like to further strengthen our inspection system.”

At Kansai Airport, Korean Air operates temporary flights to Seoul this month and wants to resume regular flights in October, but only a few international flights, which had more than 200 flights a day before the spread of the infection, remain deserted at the airport.

Kansai Airport, which operates Kansai Airport, is currently 90 percent fewer users, but with a view to the Osaka-Kansai Expo five years from now, it plans to begin renovation work this fiscal year to expand its capacity to accept international flights to 40 million people per year.

Kansai Airport says, “We want to prepare for the recovery of demand by using our previous reserves and doing construction work as planned, even if we are in debt.”

Tenant stores are also deserted

As international flights continue to be suspended and flights are reduced, approximately 70% of the stores in the Kansai Airport terminal building have “temporary closures” and shuttered them. There are several stores that decided to withdraw because they could not see the future, and it has remained quiet.

There are about 40 restaurants and souvenir shops on the second and third floors of the Kansai Airport Terminal 1 building, of which about 70% remain closed, and a sheet of paper with the text “Temporary closure” is posted on the shutter.

It was found that there were at least three stores that decided to “withdraw” because they could not expect a recovery in the future.

Of these, a Japanese restaurant that has been open since the opening of the airport 26 years ago will close in 30 days without waiting for the easing of the one-day entry restriction measures.

According to this store, Kansai Airport, which operates the airport, was in measure to reduce the rent, but the number of customers did not return at all, and sales fell to about 2% at the same time last year, so we decided to close the store because we couldn’t see the future.

On the 29th before closing, masahiro Sato, the store manager, was organizing documents and cleaning up the store.

Sato says, “I hadn’t closed it for a day except during the typhoon in September, but I had to close it because of the monthly payment. I have half the feeling that I can’t help it and that I’m disappointed.”

The business situation of the shop which continues to be open is severe, and Daisuke Mizuguchi, the manager of the shop that handles souvenir toys, said, “Sales in June and July are down 97% and it is a miserable situation. All stores at Kansai Airport have a dark image when the shutters close, so we continue to open them in an attempt to get rid of that atmosphere even a little.”