North Korea ‘completely solves abduction problem’

North Korea ‘completely solves abduction problem’ Kan administration september 30 17:07

North Korea stressed its position on the abduction issue, which it has repeatedly repeated as “completely resolved.” Prime Minister Naoto Kan has just met with the families of abductees for the first time since taking office on September 29, and North Korea seems to have the aim of controlling the Japanese side.

The Japan Research Institute, which is under the umbrella of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, referred to the inauguration of the Kan administration on September 29 through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

In this context, Mr. Abe, the former prime minister, said that he had “been taking the most hostile policy in history in order to isolate our country,” and criticized the Kan administration for following the previous administration and “having no regrets about the abduction issue.”

On top of that, he emphasized the position that the abduction issue has been resolved repeatedly, as “the abduction problem has already been completely resolved so that it cannot be turned back by our sincerity and efforts.”

Prime Minister Naoto Kan met with the families of abductees for the first time since taking office on September 29 and expressed his determination to make every effort to resolve the abduction issue, stated, “I want to take the initiative and open my life without missing any opportunities.”

North Korea is expected to take control of the Kan administration by emphasizing its position that it has been resolved over the abduction issue.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato “not accepted as a government”

At a press conference in the afternoon of March 30, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, “The claim that the abduction issue has already been resolved is not acceptable to the government. Based on the Japan-North Korea Pyongyang Declaration, the idea of comprehensively resolving various issues such as abductions, nuclear weapons, and missiles, and clearing up the unfortunate past and normalizing diplomatic relations remains unchanged.”

On top of that, he said, “The abduction issue is the most important issue of the Kan Cabinet, and we met with the families of the abductees yesterday and shared the recognition that there is not a moment’s delay in resolving the abduction issue.” We will do our best to realize the return of all abductees as soon as possible.”