Rookie Konami Sakuragi laughs at her first DVD saying “It’s naughty”

Gravure idol Konami Sakuragi recently held an event to commemorate the release of the latest image DVD “Bishoujo Densetsu Momokoi” (currently on sale 4,180 yen including tax, sold by Spice Visual) at Sofmap in Akihabara, Tokyo. Konami Sakuragi, who held an event to commemorate the release of the DVD “Bishoujo Densetsu Momokoi” Konami Sakuragi, who made her gravure debut, has a 95cm G-cup bust that cannot be imagined from her neat face and healing smile. .. As young as 20 years old, it is a new face with high expectations for future success. The memorable 1st DVD shows Sakuragi dressed as a high school girl flirting with her boyfriend, showing off her fluffy G-cup body and tight hips in various costumes and swimsuits. Sakuragi, who was interviewed by the press with an overseas manufacturer’s underwear-style swimsuit that he bought for the first event, said, “I was really embarrassed, but I’m glad that you took it very beautifully.” , “It’s a fresh feeling as a high school girl, but it’s a content that makes fun of my boyfriend. There are scenes such as stretching together, returning from school, taking a bath together and taking a shower. Introducing the contents. The sexy scene is said to be the bed last night, “I’m wearing a vivid pink swimsuit, but at that time it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and I take off my clothes like” I’m a present! ” I was really embarrassed, but I thought it was naughty while doing it myself (laughs), “he said with a shy smile. The first DVD shoot that was done for 3 days was “It was harsh (laughs). It was difficult to disinfect due to the influence of corona, which caused muscle pain throughout the body,” but he asked about his future goals. “I want to publish a photobook. I want to be a gravure idol who is so popular that I can publish not only DVDs but also photobooks,” he said. Her charm is a 95cm G-cup bust, but she said, “The cameraman and manager said,’Your butt is cool !!’, so you can do muscle training on your butt so that you can have a good butt. I want to do my best. ”