The spectator entrance resumes in part of the horse race reserved seat at three racetracks in Tokyo Kyoto Niigata

Races Part of reserved seats resume spectator admission At 3 racetracks in Tokyo Kyoto Niigata, September 30 at 11:07 p.m.

The JRA-Japan Central Racing Association, which has been racing without spectators at racetracks nationwide since February to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, announced that it will resume admission to only a portion of the reserved seats at three racetracks in Tokyo, Kyoto and Niigata from the 10th of next month.
The JRA-Japan Central Racing Association has been conducting all races without spectators since February 29 in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.
Tokyo Racecourse,
Kyoto Racecourse,
It is said that the race which puts the spectator only in the reserved seat is carried out in three places of Kashiwa Niigata Racecourse.

In order to keep the distance between the spectators at each racetrack, reserved seats will be used only about 20% to half of the total number, and in the case of Tokyo Racecourse, 1047 seats, which is about 20% of the total, will be released.

You must purchase a reserved seat ticket through the Internet in advance, and you will not be able to purchase it at the racetrack on the day.

According to the Japan Racing Association, we will proceed with this rule until November 1st, when the Emperor’s Prize in the fall of the G1 race will be held, and then consider the number of visitors to the subsequent race again.