Trump and Biden’s First Direct Showdown 1st TV Debate

Trump and Biden’s First Direct Showdown 1st TV Debate September 30 15:59

This is the first direct confrontation between President Trump and former Vice President Biden. We’re going to put together a 90-minute debate by point.

What are the evaluations of President Trump’s first term?

[President Trump]
“No president has done as much in three and a half years as I have. The economic situation was the best and the unemployment rate was the lowest until the spread of the new coronavirus. He also worked on rebuilding the U.S. military, including the creation of a space force.”
He then criticized Mr. Biden, who served as vice president in the previous Obama administration, saying, “More than 300,000 people were killed because the previous administration did not have a proper health insurance system.”[Mr. Biden]
“Under this president, we will be weakened, poor, divided, and more violent. I once re-established my economy as vice president, but Mr. Trump brought about a recession again.”
He also sharply criticized the current administration’s diplomatic stance, saying, “I have clearly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he will not accept his methods, but Mr. Trump can’t say anything, he has become Putin’s dog.”

“Income tax allegations” President Trump denies “paying millions of dollars”

President Trump is reported to have paid 750 dollars in income tax to the country and about 79,000 yen in Japanese yen in 2016 when he was elected in the presidential election and in 2017.

[President Trump]
“I paid millions of dollars. You’ll find out soon enough,” he said, denying the allegations.

[Mr. Biden]
The tax he paid is less than that of a school teacher. He is the worst president in history.”

Economic policy

[President Trump]
“We built the best economy ever, but we had to stop economic activity because of infectious diseases from China. More than 10 million jobs have returned since the resumption of economic activity, recovering like no one has ever seen before, but Mr Biden will once again stop economic activity and destroy the country,” he said, stressing the effects of his policies.

[Mr. Biden]
“President Trump sees only financial markets and is trying to say that he will resume economic activity even as the death toll from the new coronavirus is skyrocketing. If we don’t do something about the virus crisis, we won’t be able to restore the economy.”
“My economic policy is expected to create seven million jobs and have an economic impact of one trillion dollars,” he said.
In addition, President Trump’s reduction in the corporate tax rate
“The corporate tax rate should be 28%, not 21%. “Many of the 500 major companies make a lot of money but don’t pay any taxes at all.”

[President Trump]
“If Mr. Biden’s policies are implemented, half of the companies from the United States will go out and fall into a recession like never seen before. I have restored 700,000 jobs in the manufacturing industry.”

About “Obamacare”

There was heated debate about the so-called “Obamacare,” a health care system introduced by former President Obama.
It has been pointed out that “Obamacare” could be abolished if the Federal Supreme Court becomes more conservative under President Trump, but at the debate, President Trump was asked by the moderator about policies to replace “Obamacare.”

[President Trump]
“We are working with friendly countries to lower the price of medicines. This is something that no president has worked on.”

[Mr. Biden]
“Everything he is saying is a lie. We’re trying to take the benefits of Obamacare out of a lot of people.”

[President Trump]
“Obamacare is not good because insurance premiums are too high. We have lost our obligation to join individuals.”

[Mr. Biden]
“He has no plans and no idea about the health care system,” he said.

Environmental policy

[President Trump]
“The U.S. now emits the least amount of carbon dioxide ever, but I’m not destroying the economy. In response, he said the Paris Agreement was terrible, and insisted that it was inevitable to leave the Paris Agreement, an international framework for combating global warming, to protect the U.S. economy.

The relationship between wildfires and global warming in western California and other areas has been pointed out.
“It’s a matter of forest management. In Europe, forests are managed and maintained, but in California, vast areas of land are burned every year.”
and insisted that it should be considered separately from global warming.

[Mr. Biden]
When he first decided to cancel his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement when he became president, he said, “I worked to reduce the cost of renewable energy and made it as cheap as coal and oil. We will not create any more thermal power plants in the U.S. and move to renewable energy.”
He then promoted the Biden Plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and stressed that it would achieve both global warming countermeasures and economic activities by creating new jobs.

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