U.S. presidential election’s first television debate interested in allegations about tax payments

U.S. presidential election’s first television debate interested in allegations about tax payments September 30 at 4:09 a.m.

The first direct confrontation between President Trump, who is up for reelection in the U.S. presidential election in the fall, and former Democratic Vice President Biden, who is aiming to retake power, will soon begin. There is interest in the new Coronavirus, the personnel of U.S. Supreme Court justices who have a major impact on American society, as well as the fight over new allegations about President Trump’s tax payments.

The first television debate between President Trump and former Democratic Vice President Biden in the run-up to november’s U.S. presidential election will be held in Midwestern Ohio on The morning of November 30 and will be broadcast across the United States.

In the past, the remarks, behavior, and aspects of the debate had a significant impact on the situation that followed, and it is positioned as a major mountain range at the end of the election campaign.

Before this, President Trump said today that he was “very much looking forward to it,” while Mr. Biden said, “President Trump will attack most of the people. I don’t know much about the facts.”

The debate is expected to be a heated debate over President Trump’s nomination of a U.S. Supreme Court justice before the election that would have a significant impact on American society, along with his response to the new coronavirus and racism issues, as well as economic measures.

In addition, following reports of allegations that President Trump had not paid income tax to the country for 10 years in his first 15 years in office, Mr. Biden is ready to step up his pursuit and the public’s attention has been on the issue.

What’s the point of attention?

In this discussion,
The results of both Trump and Biden candidates,
Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States
The new coronavirus,
The economy,
Racial issues and security,
There will be six themes of electoral fairness, and the two candidates are expected to debate each other for 15 minutes.

As for the judge of the Supreme Court, the whereabouts are paid attention because it greatly influences the final judgment of the judiciary on the problem which divides the United States.

While President Trump highlighted the results last week by nominating a third conservative judge since taking office, Mr Biden has harshly criticized the ruling party for its dishonest response to the Republican party’s rush to approve a judge in the upper house of Congress just before the presidential election.

On racial issues, Mr Biden has also called for a correction of the structural racism behind the scenes, including the death of a black man in a crackdown by white police officers.

In response, President Trump has called for greater police power and the maintenance of law and order, against the claims of both candidates, as security has deteriorated due to the actions of some people participating in demonstrations across the country.

In addition, President Trump is expected to appeal his achievements over the past four years, including stock prices, which have performed well until the spread of the new coronavirus, and criticize Mr. Biden for not making any noticeable achievements so far.

President Trump also refuted reports that he had not paid income tax for 10 of his 15 years in office, but continues to refuse to release his tax records.

In response, Mr Biden is ready to pursue President Trump’s stance, insisting that it is illegal to keep hidden tax records that successive presidents have customaryly published.

Mr Biden, among other things, is expected to invite voters to oppose President Trump by stressing that President Trump, who claims to be a billion-year-old, does not pay more taxes than the general public.

Biden’s camp announces tax payment

Prior to the debate, biden’s camp today released records of Mr. Biden’s and Mr. Harris’s tax payments, and they are appealing the differences between President Trump and President Trump, who refuse to make them public.

According to the tax records released by the Biden camp on September 29, the Bidens and his wife paid the federal government about 300,000 dollars and more than 3,163 million yen in Japanese yen last year.

According to the camp, Mr. Biden has published a record of 22 years’ tax payment so far.

Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic party’s vice presidential candidate, also released a record of the couple’s tax payments, which he said paid the federal government more than 11.8 million dollars last year and more than 125.29 million yen in Japanese yen.

Mr Harris says he has published a record of 15 years’ tax payment so far.

The Biden camp is appealing the difference with President Trump, who refuses to release his tax records, as reports that he had not paid income tax to the country for 10 of his 15 years in office have attracted attention.

Why is THE TV debate so important?

Television debates by candidates for the U.S. presidential election first take place 60 years ago in 1960, and have attracted a lot of attention each time.

Candidates must appeal that they are “the most appropriate person for the president” by disputing and disputing criticism on issues of high voter interest.

In addition to policies and way of thinking, facial expressions, movements, and way of talking are also evaluated, and skills to attract viewers are also required.

At the end of the debate, the media commented on which candidate won the debate, which is said to have a significant impact on voter sentiment, and there is interest in how the debate will change the approval rating.

At the first debate between Republican Vice President Nixon and Democratic Sen. Kennedy in 1960, Mr. Kennedy is said to have grabbed the flow of the election campaign and drawn victory to Mr. Nixon, who looked stiff and tired.

In the 1992 presidential election, Republican President George W. Bush was criticized for “not interesting voters” for looking at his watch while voters were asking questions, while Democratic Sen. Bill Clinton is said to have made a good impression by walking close to the questioner and answering the question.

The first debate between Mr. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election was watched on television by 84 million people, the highest number ever.

In his third debate, President Trump criticized Clinton as a “disgusting woman” and caused controversy.

This discussion will be held on general television, BS1, Radio 1, and NHK’s website from 10:00 a.m. on June 30.