UK GDP revised to minus 19.8%, the biggest drop in history

UK GDP revised to minus 19.8% September 30 at 8:51 p.m., the biggest drop in history

From April to June, gross domestic product grew upward to minus 19.8% compared to the previous three months, reflecting the latest statistics. However, it is still the biggest drop in history, and the impact of the new coronavirus on the economy is greater than in Japan, the euro area, etc.
The U.S. Bureau of Statistics today released the results of a revision of GDP from April to June, based on the latest statistics.

As a result, the real growth rate compared to the previous three months was minus 19.8%, and in terms of the annual rate, it was minus 58.7%, which was revised upward from the preliminary figures released in August.

However, since the economic activity was severely affected by the new Coronavirus, it has remained the biggest decline since 1955, when quarterly statistics began, and the range of declines has greatly exceeded that of Japan, the United States, and the euro area at the same time.

In the UK, there are concerns that the spread of the infection will spread again and the impact on the economy will be prolonged, and negotiations with the EU-European Union over free trade agreements and other issues have been difficult, and the outlook for the economy remains uncertain.