Walt Disney to lay off 28,000 people due to prolonged parking

Walt Disney to dismiss 28,000 people September 30 with huge deficit due to prolonged parking

As the spread of the new coronavirus prolongs the impact of large-scale facilities being closed, American entertainment giant Walt Disney has decided to lay off about 28,000 employees in the United States.
With the spread of the new Coronavirus, Walt Disney closed all theme parks in the U.S. in March, of which facilities in southern Florida reopened in July, but the number of visitors is limited by appointment to prevent infection.

The company decided today to lay off about 28,000 people, mainly employees working at theme parks in the United States, and told them.

As for the reason, the company explains that al though it has been trying to reduce expenses since the theme park was closed, it will have to go through layoffs, considering the prolonged impact of admission restrictions and other factors.

Among Walt Disney’s theme parks, facilities in western California are still in the hope of reopening six months after the park is closed, and the company’s performance for the three months to June is a huge loss of approximately 500 billion yen in Japanese yen.