Yuko Takeuchi’s family funeral, agency reports “forever irreplaceable important actress”

On the 30th, Stardust Promotion, the agency of actress Yuko Takeuchi (40 years old) who died on the 27th, reported that a family funeral was held on the same day through the official website. Yuko Takeuchi The office said, “For Yuko Takeuchi (40 years old), who passed away on September 27, we held a family funeral today in consultation with relatives. I will report it. ” “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who have taken care of me and the fans who have always warmly supported me,” he said, “loved by everyone.” I would like to thank the deceased for the irreplaceable experience and joy of being blessed with so many wonderful events. ” “However, the talents and employees who belong to this event are still confused by this sudden and unbelievable event, and I cannot accept this situation at all, and I cannot regret it,” he said. Yuko Takeuchi is still an important actress who is irreplaceable for us forever. We will continue to be close to her existence. ” In addition, to the media, “In addition, for the media, the lives and privacy of family members and neighbors are currently due to excessive coverage of the area around their homes, their parents’ homes, and relatives by some media outlets. There are also young children in the family, so please be considerate of your heartache and refrain from excessive media coverage or posting slanderous articles due to speculation, and warmly watch over us. “Thank you for your cooperation,” he added, “Please refrain from offering flowers again, and thank you for your feelings.” There is a consultation desk for those who are worried. Please see the official website below.
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