U.S. Presidential Election Debate To Consider How to Proceed and Announce New Measures

U.S. Presidential Election Debate Organizers Consider How to Proceed and Announce New Measures October 1 at 8:09 AM

In response to the fact that the first television debate in the run-up to the U.S. presidential election has fallen into a situation where the debate has not progressed due to recriuns, the organizations hosting the debate have been discussed as they consider how to proceed and announce new measures.
At a television debate on the U.S. presidential election held on September 29, President Trump repeatedly blocked former Vice President Biden’s remarks and developed his own arguments, while Mr. Biden also ousked back and responded with criticism and slander, resulting in a situation in which the debate did not proceed.

In response, the organization that hosted the debate issued a statement today, announcing that it would consider how to proceed with the discussion and announce new measures soon, as “additional measures are needed to ensure orderly discussions.”

Prior to this, Mr Biden told reporters, “I want the organizers of the debate to be able to answer questions without interference,” and in the next debate, he indicated that measures such as turning off the microphones of candidates who were not given the opportunity to speak were necessary.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s camp said, “Mr. Biden is trying to get a trial. We should not change the rules during the game.”

In addition, Mr. Wallace of FOX News, who presided over the debate, told media outlets that “President Trump may have blocked his remarks when the microphone was turned off” and that he should be cautious about cutting the candidate’s voice, saying, “We must not forget that both candidates are supported by a large number of people.”