YOSHIKI, muscular beauty in a photo book for the first time in 28 years “I feel like I can still go”

Rock band X JAPAN’s YOSHIKI will release a full-length photo book “XY” (Kodansha) for the first time in 28 years on November 20th, which is also his birthday. From October 1st, reservations will be accepted at bookstores nationwide and online. Photobook “XY” (B4 / Hardcover / 96P / Special “luxury cosmetic box” storage / 10,000 yen plus tax) This work was completed on location in Los Angeles by gathering top-class staff such as famous Hollywood producers and photographers. The filming took place on a special charter of the famous LA building, Paramore Estate. Female photographer Melanie Pouren, who took the picture, expressed “YOSHIKI that I have never seen before.” The muscular beauty that YOSHIKI showed in response to the photographer’s production is trained while keeping an exquisite balance, and impresses with “perfectly calculated art”. The 30-minute making DVD also includes all of the shoots taken at Paramore Estate, as well as an interview with Melanie as a listener. ■ YOSHIKI comment
I’ve received offers like this several times, but in many ways I didn’t expect it to really happen. I was able to work with such talented people at the right time. As an artist, I have been particular about visuals, including the stage, and I am grateful that I was able to express myself in this way as part of that. It’s strange to say it myself, but I feel like I can still go. Of course, thanks to that, I’m trying to get bloody, but lol. With this as a trigger, I feel that the release of various sound sources will begin. (C) YOSHIKI / melanie pullen / Kodansha