ABC-Z, trapped in a closed room … Challenge to solve a difficult mystery hidden in ice cream

The idol group ABC-Z (Ryosuke Hashimoto, Fumito Kawai, Shota Totsuka, Koichi Goseki, Ryoichi Tsukada) will release the WEB video CM “The Crepe” and “Chocolate Ice Cream” of Morinaga & Co., Ltd. from the 5th. It was revealed on the 2nd that he will appear in “Ice Suspense Five Mysteries”. ABC-Z The CM will be released on the special campaign website and Morinaga & Co.’s official SNS. Currently, the mystery-solving campaign “Ice Suspense ~ Minus 7 ° C Love (Wanna)” of “The Crepe” and “Chocolate Chocolate Ice” is being developed, and the video was the first time for ABC-Z to perform. It is a full-scale suspense story. Suddenly, the group is trapped in a closed room with no exit, guided by a suspicious voice, solving five mysteries and aiming to escape from the closed room. Using the hints hidden in the product packages of “The Crepe” and “Chocolate Ice Cream” as clues, the project allows you to try to solve the five mysteries that are set in the video. The mystery production unit “Star Gazer” (a mystery creator unit by “university student mystery solver” “Saho-san” and “Gamu-san”) was set up for the campaign, and it is a difficult problem that even mystery solvers can enjoy. ABC-Z demonstrates the goodness of teamwork by talking to each other from the rehearsal before shooting and laughing at the scene where NG was given. Tsukada had the front and back of the product, thinking that it would be OK to have one shot with the best performance by exploding emotions in a certain scene. When Tsukada noticed that, he shouted “Ah” and collapsed with the serious tension of the role, and laughter was occurring at the scene.

ABC-Z comment

・ Last year, Mr. Tsukada appeared, but this time, all five members of ABC-Z were appointed to the WEB videos of “Chocolate Ice Cream” and “The Crepe”. Please tell us your impressions. Hashimoto: Anyway, I’m really happy. Last year, I was envious of Mr. Tsukada, and when I was wondering if five members could come out, I got an offer, so I feel like “Sher …!”. Originally I was a fan of “Chocolate Chocolate Ice” and “The Crepe” from Mr. Tsukada, so I thought it was a bit strange (laughs), but this time I was able to get out with 5 people, so I got excited as an image character. I think it’s good.・ Of course, I think everyone loves ice cream, but which one is “chocolate bar ice cream” or “the crepe”? Tsukada: Of course, “the crepe” is delicious, but after all it’s like my abs. The crepe of “chocolate ice cream” is irresistible. Of course the taste is also delicious! Belgian chocolate. I’m particular about chocolate, and it’s unique to this “plate chocolate ice cream” that chocolate matches with ice cream.
Kawai: I’ve loved crepe ice cream since I was a kid, and when I found “The Crepe” and tried it, it was really delicious. I couldn’t eat it in the commercial, but I like “The Crepe”.・ I think that all five of you have tried the first full-scale suspense performance this time, but please tell us what you were particular about in the performance and the highlights of the video. Goseki: The highlight is the gap of suspense touch even though it is an ice commercial, and the serious expression unique to suspense, so the faces of four people other than me are different from usual. Also, there are a lot of puzzles to solve, but this is a very difficult task, so I would like you to try it.・ Please tell us if there are any events that left an impression on you during the shooting. Totsuka: There was a cut to eat ice cream at the time of shooting, but I was happy that I was able to eat ice cream many times because I was shooting while adjusting the angle and lighting. I also felt an extraordinary love for Tsuka-chan’s “chocolate bar ice cream” and “the crepe”. There is a scene where that love bursts, but (if any) it was full of passion enough to win the Best Actor Award in the WEB CM world.・ Please tell us if there is an episode that recently occurred among the members that you thought was a “mystery” after the theme of the WEB video, “mystery”. Kawai: I’m talking about Tsuka-chan again, but plain clothes are a mystery these days. I’m wondering if I want to convey a message, but I’m wearing shorts and a crappy bandana on a slightly loose tank top. You have many types of bandanas, right?
Tsukada: It’s not crap! I have about 10 types of bandanas.
Kawai: You suddenly started to look like that this year.
Hashimoto: Isn’t it because you gained muscle?
Tsukada: Yes! I want to show my muscles! This solved the mystery!

・ Finally, do you have a message for the viewers who see this commercial? Tsukada: Hello, everyone!
Everyone: ABC-Z!
Hashimoto: This time, I appeared on Morinaga & Co.’s chocolate bar ice cream and The Crepe WEB CM.
Totsuka: We are trying to perform full-scale suspense.
Kawai: Please participate in the campaign and try to solve the mystery that will be asked in the commercial.
Goseki: The hints for solving the mystery are hidden in the video and in the package.
Tsukada: Then, please take a look at the commercial.
Everyone: Please!