Persistence benefits to be asked to submit on behalf of the application What is the modus operandi?

Persistence benefits to be asked to submit on behalf of the application The modus operandi is October 2 at 5:55 p.m.

The illegal receipt of “sustained benefits” provided to businesses with significant declines in sales due to the effects of the new coronavirus is one after another nationwide. On SNS, there are a series of suspicious solicitation posts that ask you to act on behalf of people who are not eligible to receive benefits, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency is strengthening the sense of crisis, such as strengthening measures.

The man who received it illegally “Everyone says’It’s a corona bubble'”

A man who actually received the benefits fraudulently told NHK that he had revealed his methods.

A man living in the Kansai region said to an acquaintance in June, “If you apply for a benefit, you will get one million yen. The tax accountant will do all the procedures.”

Men are not eligible for sustained benefits because they do not do business.

However, if you tell an acquaintance about your past occupations on LINE, you will receive a sales ledger that is required for last year’s final tax return that was created by a tax accountant.

The occupation, income, expenditure, etc. that were described in the sales ledger etc. were all the contents, but after the man made a final return at the tax office, he took a picture of the copy of the declaration form and sent it to an acquaintance along with a copy of the passbook of the bank account to which the transfer was made.

After that, it is believed that an acquaintance submitted the document pretending to have decreased sales with this tax return and applied for a sustained benefit, and a week later, one million yen was transferred to the account.

The man handed over 300,000 yen as a commission to an acquaintance, and after that he introduced five or six acquaintances.

The man said, “I thought it would be better if I could get money without doing anything. Last year’s final tax return is also in the red and you can adjust it well so that you don’t have to pay taxes. The sustained benefits are not well reviewed, and everyone says, ‘It’s a corona bubble.'”

“Sustainable benefit” required documents less simple procedure 4,400 billion yen

“Sustained benefits” support the cash available to businesses those who have lost significant sales due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and up to 2 million yen will be paid to small and medium-sized enterprises and up to 1 million yen to individual business operators.

Since January, sales for a particular month have decreased by more than 50% from the same month in the previous year.

At the time of application, in addition to documents such as tax returns and ledgers showing that sales have decreased, it is necessary to send data such as a copy of the passbook of the financial institution to which the transfer was made, and identification documents such as driver’s license.

However, compared to other grants and benefits, fewer documents are required and the process is simplified, and photos of documents taken with a smartphone are allowed to be sent.

If the application is granted, cash will be transferred to the account in about two weeks.

According to the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, if there is no suspicious point in the application, in principle, it does not contact the applicant, and in principle, it is said that about 3.4 million cases and 4.4 trillion yen were paid by the 28th of last month.

Posts of suspicious solicitations on SNS are also “up to 1 million yen, fee is 10%”

There have been a series of suspicious solicitation posts on social media that you would like to apply for a sustained benefit on your behalf.

Sustained benefits are paid by individual businesses such as small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers.

However, on SNS, “students, housewives, unemployed, employees must see! This is a sustained benefit project for Corona! The teacher of the administrative scrivener will take care of the procedure which can get up to 1 million yen! The fee is only 10% at the time of success! You can check posts such as whether you can receive benefits even if you are not eligible for benefits.

In addition, in another post, along with the image image of the wad, “You can receive 100% benefits in a short period of time (about one week) in a simple procedure. It’s okay in any situation.”

In response to this tweet, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency responded, “Please note that the act of supporting the application of sustained benefits while knowing it is a crime for people who are not doing business.”

In some cases, college students and office workers were arrested.

The consultation that “the illegal receipt of the sustained benefit was asked” has been received one after another in the consumer life center in the whole country.

According to the National Life Center, there were approximately 690 consultations nationwide by September 30 for problems such as “sustained benefits” provided to businesses with depressed sales.

Recently, there have been many consultations from students, office workers, housewives, etc. in their 20s and 30s who have been “wrongly receiving sustained benefits” through social media and LINE.

Of these, a woman in her thirties was also called “If you apply through a specific company, you can receive sustained benefits even if you are a salaried worker or unemployed” in the free calling app, a man in his 20s is invited to a group of message apps that a person claiming to be a tax accountant participates from an acquaintance, “take a fictitious sales register to the tax office and file a final return, If you apply, you will receive benefits.”

They were both asked to pay a portion of the benefits as commissions.

“Sustained benefits” are not eligible for benefits for students and company employees who do not do business, and there is a possibility of criminal penalties if you falsely apply with a business operator, and there are many cases where university students and company employees are arrested for actually defrauding benefits.

The National Life Center said, “Unauthorized payments are likely to be charged with crimes and should never be used for suspicious solicitations. If you ask me on the phone for my account number or my number, I don’t want you to tell me.”

Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Strengthens Measures Public Release of Names and Criminal Charges

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency is feeling a growing sense of crisis in the situation of a series of fraudulent receipts of sustained benefits.

Since June, we have strengthened our measures, including the placement of specialized staff to investigate fraudulent benefits, and we have also strengthened the screening process by accumulating and listing the methods of fraudulent payments by contractors who have been entrusted with the project.

According to the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, students and company employees who are not eligible for benefits are solicited on social media, etc., and there are many cases where they falsely apply for “individual business”, so we are also promoting efforts to send out warning messages such as “unauthorized receipt is a crime” in posts on SNS that make fraudulent solicitations.

If you find an unauthorized payment, you can add 3% of the annual arrears to the amount paid, request a refund of 20% of the total amount, disclose your name, etc., and if it is malicious, you may face criminal charges.

A person in charge of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency said, “There are cases where people get on the solicitation of fraudulent benefits with a light heart, but if fraud is found, they will be severely punished. We have simplified the procedures for speedy payment, but we must never allow fraud and will conduct a thorough investigation in cooperation with the police.”

Expert “It’s hard to see through injustice”

Kazuhiko Nemoto, a former national tax investigator, said, “Sustained benefits are a relief for business operators, so procedures and documents have been simplified to provide them quickly, and you can apply if you have a sales ledger with last year’s final tax return documents. When investigating fraud at tax offices, etc., we line up tax returns for several years to see if there is any suspicious activity, but it is difficult to detect fraud when the amount of information is small.”

On top of that, he said, “If you associate data that the administration has, such as the history of past tax returns and the notification of business, suspicious applications can be highlighted. It is necessary to have a sense of speed of benefits, but it is necessary to widely communicate that post-checking is done properly and to deter fraud.”