Stock Prices President Trump Drops on Corona Virus Test Positives

Stock Prices President Trump Drops on Corona Virus Test Positive October 2 at 15:51

The Tokyo stock market, which suspended all-day operations for one day due to system trouble, made the same business as usual on the second day.
Shortly after U.S. President Trump revealed that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus, sell orders swelled and the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily fell more than 200 yen.

The Nikkei Stock Average closed at 23,029.90 yen, 155.22 yen cheaper than last month’s 30th.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange Index was down 16.27 to 1609.22.

The volume per day was 1.484.64 million shares.

A market official said, “As U.S. President Trump revealed positive results in tests for the new coronavirus on the afternoon of Japan time, there was growing uncertainty about the direction of the presidential election and sales orders swelled, and stock prices fell by more than 230 yen for a time. In today’s business, there was no noticeable disruption due to the effects of yesterday’s system troubles, but there are some investors who want to see if the Tokyo market continues to operate in a stable state for a while.”