The Dance for Philosophy Mariri Okutsu, water drips"Mariri Okutsu"And the best"Marisiri"Show off

Mariri Okutsu of “The Dance for Philosophy” has released a shooting off-shot of “Weekly FLASH” (Kobunsha) on her Twitter, and is drawing attention.

[Photo]Mariri Okutsu’s abundant “Marichichi” and beautiful “Mariri”

Dance of the idol group Philosophy who continues to work with the keyword “Funky But Chic”. As a sexy person, Mariri Okutsu has nicknames such as “Explosion Valley Obake”, “Marichichi”, and “Chichi God” because of her abundant bust, and going to see Okutsu is also called “paying”.

Okutsu appeared in “Weekly FLASH” released on September 29th. Under the title of “Wine and Temptation,” he performed a rugged “Marichichi” in a hotel room with a glass of red wine in his hand. In the off-shot that was released, a sexy figure that is immersed in a bathtub and water drips on a plump bust. Not only “Marichichi” but also beautiful “Mariri (ass)” is shown.

Many fans commented on this post, such as “a good woman who drips water,” “this is a tipsy bust,” and “I want to give this swimsuit a Good Design Award.”

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▽ Mariri Okutsu
Twitter:@ philosophy092