Cosplayer yutori talks about “glass envy” shocking bust

The compression bust bathroom shot posted on Twitter by cosplayer yutori is a hot topic.

[Photo]The shock of being unable to speak from the eyes, the beautiful bust pressed by yutori

Yutori is a cosplayer who boasts 430,000 followers on Twitter and 730,000 followers on Instagram. It is popular for its well-balanced body and young facial features.

yutori released “Munyu” and a shot of pressing a plump bust against the glass. The powerful bust pressed in a tiny bikini is so impactful that you can’t take your eyes off it once you see it.

Fans who are blown away by this shocking bust are appearing one after another. Many praised voices were received, such as “I want to be sandwiched between Yutori-chan and the transparent wall,” “Nice Munyu’s situation,” and “I envy the glass.”

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