Darvish Allows Two-Goal Losing Pitcher, Cubs Lose Playoff

Darvish Allows Two-Goal Losing Pitcher Cubs Lose Playoffs October 3 at 9:56 AM

Darvish, the Cubs’ starting pitcher in the second game against the Marlins in the Major League playoffs and the National League’s district series, started the second game against the Marlins on Sunday and was a two-goal losing pitcher midway through the seventh inning, and the team was eliminated.
The Cubs lost their first game against the Marlins in Chicago on the 30th, and Darvish started in the second game, which they couldn’t lose to advance to the district series.

Darvish had a cut on the ball from the start, and he struck out every time until the third inning and didn’t allow a hit. In the fourth inning, he struck out a pinch of no-out first base and second base, which was caused by a hit and a dead ball, with a double play and a swinging strikeout.

In the seventh inning when both teams went scoreless, Darvish was carried to left with a sweet change ball from two outs to the fifth batter and opened the scoring with a solo home run. He also got off the mound after hitting a timely hit from first base on a two-base and foreball to score his second goal.

In the game, the Cubs lost 0-2 and lost two games in a row, and they couldn’t advance to the district series.

Darvish threw six and two-thirds innings in this game, giving up five hits, three foreballs and dead balls, and six strikeouts, but he was the losing pitcher with two runs.

Darvish “I saw what was missing”

Darvish, who gave up two runs in the seventh inning but lost without batting support, said, “The ball itself wasn’t very strong, but I was able to stay very calm, and I was able to get the batter in front of me out with what I have today. I couldn’t help conceding goals because I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Looking back on the entire season with the most wins in the national league, he said, “I think we’ve come close to the top level, but at the same time, I felt that the difference between DeGroam, Car show and Verlander is still a long way off. I think it’s the best thing I’ve been able to do this season because I’ve seen what I’m missing, and I feel there’s room for improvement in terms of technique, physicality and straight,” he said, lying about some of the best pitchers in the major leagues and vowing to grow further.