Expectations for Mineo Maya’s “Tonde Saitama 20,000 Light Years”! Kenichi Suzumura “This isn’t going to be a movie again.”

Kenichi Suzumura (Monday-Thursday) who is also active as a voice actor, actor Shigenori Yamazaki (Friday), and freelance announcer Hardcastle Elizabeth are the personalities of the TOKYO FM program “ONE MORNING”. In this article, we will introduce the topics taken up in the corner “SUZUKI TODAY’S KEY NUMBER” that focuses on one number that symbolizes the news from the broadcast from September 21 (Monday / holiday) to September 25 (Friday). I will.

(From left) Kenichi Suzumura, Hardcastle Elizabeth

◆ 14 years in a row

The “Ig Nobel Prize” is a parody of the Nobel Prize and is given to unique research. The award-winning research in 2020 was announced, and Japanese researchers received the “Acoustic Award”. This is the 14th consecutive year that Japanese people have received awards.

On this day, Daisuke Toyama of the comedy trio Grunge, who acted as a substitute for Suzumura, said, “It’s been amazing for 14 consecutive years!” The award-winning research examined changes in crocodile crying by inhaling helium gas, which changes human voice.

“Have you never seen a crocodile crying? What is the crocodile crying that Mr. Zabes imagines?” Said Toyama-san. Elizabeth screams without hesitation, but she says, “Nmee!” When I invited him to laugh, he looked back on the version when he inhaled helium gas to Mr. Toyama. Elizabeth laughed bitterly as Toyama-san’s cry echoed in a chaotic state.

◆ 20,000 light-years

Last year, the live-action movie was a big hit, Mineo Maya’s manga “Fly Me To The Saitama”. It has become a hot topic that Mr. Mayu will release “20,000 Light Years Sho de Niigata” based on Niigata Prefecture on October 16th (Friday).

Suzumura laughs out loud without thinking “terrible … terrible”, as this work is as good as “Sho de Saitama”. “It looks interesting! This isn’t going to be a movie again,” he expected.

◆ Approximately 6,000

TSUTAYA’s flagship store “SHIBUYA TSUTAYA” in front of Shibuya Station in Tokyo has renewed the video rental floors on the 4th and 5th floors. Of particular note is the “Shibuya Film Collection” corner, which has about 6,000 videotapes. We have a large selection of valuable video works such as works that have not been made into DVDs and works that have been discontinued, and we also offer a video deck rental service.

Suzumura, a VCR generation, said, “It’s good, VHS. I’m very happy as a person who lived in this era.” I am curious about the lineup of movies such as “High Teen Boogie” starring Masahiko Kondo, who is not on DVD, and “Oishinbo”, a movie in which Rentaro Mikuni and Koichi Sato’s first parent-child co-starring became a hot topic. It was like.

◆ 5 consecutive weeks

“Chibi Maruko-chan” (Fuji TV series) celebrates its 30th anniversary of animation. From September 27th (Sun) to October 25th (Sun), the fun project “Autumn Fun Menu-Maruko’s Old Story-” will be broadcast for 5 consecutive weeks, which has become a hot topic. I will.

September 27 (Sun) “Maruko’s Omusubi Kororin”, October 4 (Sun) “Maruko’s Kasa Jizo”, October 11 (Sun) “Maruko’s Momotarou”, October 18 (Sun) ” Elizabeth makes a voice in the broadcast lineup of “Maruko no Nishiyuki” and “Maruko’s Three Piglets” on Sunday, October 25, saying “Well, what will it look like! I’m curious!” ..

Yamazaki said, “A great work like” Chibi Maruko-chan “, a great character, you have to leave the writer’s hand and start walking on your own. Like” Sazae-san “(Fuji TV series), the writer Even if Mr. Sazae died, the works and characters will continue to live. ” I was hoping that it would continue forever.

Program name: ONE MORNING
Broadcast date and time: Every Monday-Friday 6: 00-9: 00
Personalities: Kenichi Suzumura (Monday-Thursday), Shigenori Yamazaki (Friday), Hardcastle Elizabeth
Program website: https://www.tfm.co.jp/one/