Mitsuki Tanimura & Noriko Iriyama play the role of heroine in the Kansai x Theater Company Patch project

The music reading drama “Mind Remind”, which is the first work of the “Kantele x Theatrical Company Patch Project”, in which Kansai and the Kansai-based theater group Patch team up to send a theater movement from Kansai to the whole country. Actresses Mitsuki Tanimura and Noriko Iriyama have been selected as the heroines of “~ I am … ~” in the W cast. In the same work by Mizuki Tanimura (left) and Noriko Iriyama, a man who was suspicious of his lover wandered into a world where reality and fantasy intersected, and arrived at the fact of shock there. Love suspense set in the near future. Tanimura and Iriyama play “She” who is suspected by the main character played by a member of the theater company Patch. With co-starring in dramas and movies, Tanimura commented on each other’s impressions with a smile, saying “Sister who is always kind while shooting” and Iriyama as “a good looking woman”. Regarding the plot of the work, Tanimura said, “I felt that it was a role that stirs my imagination, so I am wondering how I can make it attractive. It is a role that I have never played before, so I would like to incorporate the opinions of various people, “said Iriyama.” I hope to become a “she” who can feel the music from her body, which fits the framework of music reading drama. ” , Each talked about enthusiasm. Regarding co-starring with the theater company Patch, “I thought it was a theater company with a deep love for theater and the local community, and I hope that on the first day of the performance, I will be able to speak the Kansai dialect. “No, I don’t know. Why isn’t it!” Saitama-born Iriyama showed a splendid Noritsukkomi, and Tanimura also said, “By now, with Takuya Inoue, the drama” Osaka Loop Line Every Station I had many opportunities to work with him in “Love Story”, and I learned about the existence of the theater company Patch at that time. I don’t have many opportunities to work with people of similar ages, so I’ll be with you. I’m looking forward to what I can do, “he says, looking forward to co-starring. Yoshihiro Nakayama of the theater company Patch said, “When I heard the names of the two, the members said,’Oh !!’, and the morale increased. Both of them are powerful actresses who have both charm and ability. , I’m excited to see what kind of chemical reaction will occur when I exchange lines with the members of the theater company Patch! For both of you, the “Mind Remind” made with the theater company Patch will be a work full of excitement and excitement. I hope. ” The performance will be held at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka in December this year, and at Kinokuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA in Tokyo in January next year. Theatrical company Patch