Cosplayer Mami Hoshino, “Reward from the morning” in the photo of waking up with sexy exposed skin

The cosplayer Mami Hoshino posted on Twitter on Saturday, 3rd, and her co-sleeping shot is drawing attention.

[Photo]If she was next to me …, a shot of Mami Hoshino waking up to stir up her delusions.

Mami Hoshino is active in various genres such as cosplay, gravure, YouTube, and voice actors. Twitter has more than 200,000 followers, and every gravure shot posted is a hot topic.

Hoshino posted a cute photo with a big pillow at midnight on the 2nd, saying “Let’s go together?” On the following day, the 3rd, I released a photo of waking up, which is a continuation of yesterday’s post, saying “Good morning”. Hoshino’s shoulders inside the futon are exposed, and the photo is close to the distance, giving the illusion that he was really sleeping next to him.

Fans have commented on this post, such as “This is exciting …!”, “Reward from the morning”, and “It’s like the morning of staying with her.”

▽ Mami Hoshino
Twitter:@ ma5mi2ta3n

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