President Trump in hospital, on the other hand, emphasizes the improvement of symptoms.

President Trump in hospital, on the other hand, emphasizes the improvement of symptoms. October 4, 05:28

As for president Trump’s condition in the United States, where he has been infected with the new coronavirus and has been hospitalized, his doctor stressed that his fever has been lowered and his symptoms, such as coughing and malaise, have improved. On the other hand, officials familiar with the president’s condition said the health figures for the past 24 hours had been a very concerning level, and expressed the recognition that 48 hours would be important in the future.

President Trump, infected with the new coronavirus, has been in a military hospital outside Washington since February 2 as a precautionary measure.

Three days before noon, four days before noon Japan time, doctors held a press conference at the hospital and said, “I’m in good shape. Symptoms of coughing, stuffy nose, and fatigue have improved. I didn’t even inhale oxygen today.”

In addition, there is no symptom of fever seen the day before and the day before, and “Remdesivir”, which is used as a treatment for the new coronavirus, is administered for 5 days to see how it is.

On that basis, he said, “The President said, ‘I feel like I can leave the hospital today,'” and stressed that progress was going well.

President Trump himself posted on Twitter this afternoon, praising doctors and nurses and said, “I’m in good shape.”

However, doctors avoided making clear when they were repeatedly asked by reporters whether they had ever inhaled oxygen, and said they could not say anything specific about the timing of their discharge.

A person familiar with the president’s condition said, “The health figures for the last 24 hours have been very concerned. The next 48 hours are important and we are not on the road to a full recovery.”

What is Remdessivir?

Lemdessivir is an antiviral drug being developed by Gilead Sciences, an American pharmaceutical company.

In May, the U.S. FDA-Food and Drug Administration approved urgent use of the new coronavirus, as clinical trials were being conducted to reduce the time it takes for patients to recover.

Initially, it allowed urgent use for severe patients, such as oxygen levels in the blood below a certain level, but in August, the contents of the permit were changed so that it could be used by non-severe patients.

Remdesivir is usually given infusions for patients with mild or moderate symptoms for 5 days, or for patients with severe symptoms, such as wearing a ventilator, for up to 10 days.

In Japan, it has been approved as the first therapeutic agent for the new coronavirus.

Did you test positive 72 hours ago?

President Trump’s doctor said at a press conference on March 3 that “72 hours have passed” since the president was diagnosed positive for testing for the new coronavirus.

However, it was not until two days ago that President Trump revealed that he was positive, about 34 hours ago.

For this reason, some in the U.S. media have severely criticized President Trump for hiding his infection and participating in election-related events on the second day.

About two hours after the interview, the White House physician made a statement and corrected that “the third day was mistaken for 72 hours.”

There were supporters in front of the hospital.

In a military hospital near Washington where President Trump is hospitalized, some supporters visited to pray for the president’s recovery on March 3.

Of these, a man who has been in the hospital for a long time from two days after he was hospitalized said, “When I was having dinner last night, I found out that the president was going to be admitted to this hospital, so I thought I had to come to the scene and pray for his safety.”

A man who lives nearby said, “I was very upset to hear that the President was infected. I came here to pray and show my support.”

On the main road in front of the hospital, there were many people who honked their horns from a traveling car or shouted “Go for the President” with their faces out of the window.