AirAsia Officially Announces Withdrawal from Japan On December 5th

AirAsia To abolish all routes on December 5 Officially announced withdrawal from Japan October 5 18:06

AirAsia Japan, a low-cost airline based at Chubu Airport, officially announced that it will abolish all four routes on December 5 and withdraw from Japan, cause it cannot see a recovery in demand that has fallen due to the effects of the new Coronavirus.
AirAsia Japan, founded by One of Asia’s largest low-cost airlines in Malaysia, was temporarily suspended in April due to a significant decrease in the number of users due to the new Coronavirus.

After that, we resumed operations in August, but the recovery in demand was lower than expected, and we indicated that we would suspend all routes again this month.

Meanwhile, in June, approximately 70 of the approximately 300 employees asked for their desired retirement to improve management efficiency.

However, as demand cannot be expected to recover in the future, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has officially announced that it will withdraw from Japan after reporting that all four routes will be abolished on December 5.

AirAsia Japan started operating from Chubu Airport three years ago and has developed four routes connecting New Chitose Airport, Sendai Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Taipei, Taiwan, to sell lower fares than major airlines.

The airline industry continues to face severe business conditions due to the effects of the new Coronavirus, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a member of approximately 290 airlines around the world, said in June that it expected the final loss of the airline industry to be in the red of about 9 trillion yen.

What’s the reason for the thorough use?

As for the reason for the decision to withdraw from Japan, AirAsia Japan commented, “We have continued our management efforts, such as continuous and extensive cost reductions, but we have decided that it will be extremely difficult to continue our business in a situation where the prospect of the end of the new Coronavirus is uncertain, and we have made a bitter decision to discontinue our business.”

The route is expected to be suspended until it is abolished.

AirAsia Japan has decided to suspend operations on all four routes until the 24th of this month.

After that, it is expected to be suspended until December 5th, when the route will be abolished, and we will announce it again as soon as it is officially decided.

If you have booked a ticket for a flight that will be suspended, we will contact you individually by e-mail within a week.

Group companies operate international flights

Meanwhile, international flights between Japan operated by AirAsia Group companies and Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines are scheduled to resume operations as soon as immigration restrictions are relaxed.

Most of the employees will be laid off next month.

According to AirAsia Japan, the majority of the approximately 270 employees will be laid off on the 4th of next month, and the remaining employees will be in the business associated with withdrawing from Japan.