Fukushi Sota becomes Urashima Taro, Miyano Mamoru becomes a raccoon dog !? From the regret of postponing the performance to a “new form”

Village Produce 2020 Series Another Style “Urashima-san” and “Kachi-kachiyama” opened on the first day on the 4th, and Sota Fukushi and Mamoru Miyano commented. From the left, Mamoru Miyano and Sota Fukushi are small-group plays of “Urashima-san” and “Kachi-kachiyama” based on Osamu Dazai’s novel “Otogizoshi”. Directed by Gekidan Shinkansen Hidenori Inoue, Yutaka Kuramochi starring Fukushi “Urashima-san” and Go Aoki starring Miyano “Kachikachiyama”. Fukushi and Miyano, who want to postpone the performance in 2022 and form a tag team for Kabuki “Shinshu Murei-gai”, resonated with this project and will star in it. For the co-starring of “Urashima-san”, Gekidan Shinkansen’s Aki Hano and Makoto Awane, who Fukushi shared in the “Seven People of Skull Castle” Season month, have been decided. “Kachi-kachi Yama” will be a two-person play by Miyano and Sayuri Inoue. The work is also live-streamed at all performances “PIA LIVE STREAM”.

Fukushi Sota comment

Genepro is just over. In addition, we are re-energizing for the opening! It is unknown how far the customers will actually enter and how much they will knock. I’m a little nervous, but I want to have fun and express the story of “Mr. Urashima”. Everyone knows “Urashima Taro”, but the character’s individuality is blown away and it is very energetic. It also contains a social message, so I would like you to feel that as well. You can live without entertainment, but there are voices from everyone who wants you to do the stage and drama, so you can perform it in this way. I am truly grateful for the voices of everyone. We will also distribute it online, so I would like to make it a work that will make you want to see it and go to see the live stage again. Please take a look!

Mamoru Miyano comment

It’s a rare opportunity for me to play with two people. The amount of dialogue and exercise is great, and it is packed with 95 minutes of intense entertainment. Yesterday, we had the first day performance, and I felt very responsive. With this momentum, I would like to go to Chiakiraku. As you can see, my costume is very dirty (laughs). This is my first time to appear on stage in such a costume. Everyone knows “Kachi-kachi Yama”, but this time, the perspective and interpretation of Osamu Dazai’s disciples are added, so I think that the part that has a keen taste and is slightly refracted is very interesting. There is also a deep psychological part about how to face and acknowledge one’s desires. “Shinshu Unrequited Street,” which was scheduled to co-star with Fukushi-kun, has been postponed, which makes me feel uncomfortable, but I feel that there is a new form of entertainment that can only be created under these circumstances.Thank you for your support! Photo: Aki Tanaka