It’s not going to be a surprise!? Write the “name” of your luggage correctly.

It’s not going to be a surprise!? Write the “name” of your luggage correctly october 5 at 8:07 p.m.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, the volume of couriers and other services is on the rise, but do you know that delivery of packages may be delayed if you do not write “product name” correctly on the letter?

The other day, on SNS, such a post about the “product name” to write on the package letter has become a hot topic.

“I don’t want to write it because it’s a surprise present, but if I have to, it’s clothing.”

Along with the post “I was told by the delivery person who came to pick me up that it’s OK to be a present,” a smiley episode caused a response.

What kind of thoughts did you write such a “product name”?

According to “Der-chan” who posted it, the person who gave the package is a woman of a friend who has been a senior at work for ten years. Both of them retired, but both “Der-chan” and their seniors became moms and reported the situation of child-rearing to each other by message.

At that time, she learned that her seniors were worried about raising children.

Because it was called a corona, it was difficult to meet and cheer up in person, so I decided to give a surprise T-shirt of the popular anime “The Blade of Demon Destruction” that seniors and elementary school children love.

“I was excited about how parents and children would react when they opened it,” she recalls.

However, “DER-chan” who had experience in work related to online sales knew that it was necessary to write the product name in detail. For this reason, he wrote “clothing” while thinking, “I really don’t want to write.”

Well, it is a reaction of the senior parent and child who received the package full of thought, “I was told by the senior, ‘I laughed a lot at the moment I saw the letter’. The child was so happy that he went to bed wearing a T-shirt. My senior told me that I was feeling better, so I’m glad I gave it to him.”
As a result, it was a “surprise” enough.

According to the shipping company, it is not enough to write only “present” in the product name, and it is necessary to write “clothing” as in this case. However, it is said that it is not necessary to write even “T-shirt of animation” for example.

Is there any way to send a surprise present without revealing the name of the item?

I asked the public relations of Japan Post and Yamato Transport, and both of the answers were, “There is no ‘trick’, please cooperate in filling in the correct ‘product name’.” In the case of “Dally-chan”, the delivery person at the site may have tried to respond flexibly.

There is also a delay in arrival of luggage.

According to Japan Post, the volume of Yu-Packs handled from April to August has increased by 15% to 29% compared to the same period in the previous year.

The analysis is based on the increase in the use of online shopping due to the demand for nests and the increase in gifts for families living far away due to self-restraint in their homecomings.

When sending couriers, etc., the “product name” listed on the letter of delivery is required to be filled in in the terms and conditions stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, in the case of dangerous goods and fragile luggage, it is requested to fill in accurately because it may lead to accidents, etc., and each business operator operates based on this and publishes it on its website.

Of these, Japan Post asks that camping equipment, such as tableware and ballpoint pens, be specifically filled in with “tents” and “shraf” for miscellaneous goods.

At the reception desks of post offices and shipping companies, the person in charge confirms the “product name” each time, and if there is no entry or ambiguity, Japan Post asks that such confirmation work be increased in the field as the volume of luggage handled increases.

Depending on Japan Post or the shipping company, if the “product name” is not filled in correctly, the arrival of the package may be delayed.

Especially when transferring luggage using an aircraft, it is important to make sure that there are no flammables in it.

If you can’t do that, you’ll not be able to get on the aircraft, and in some cases you may not be able to deliver your luggage at a specified date and time.

Japan Post says, “We would like you to cooperate in filling in the correct ‘product name’ in order to deliver important gifts at the date and time you wish to deliver them.”

What should I write?

To what extent should I write the “name” of the letter of mail specifically?

Japan Post and shipping companies have posted examples of their entry on their websites.

Of these, Japan Post
Daily necessities – Clothes, food, CDs
X-goods, small items – Tableware, ballpoint pens
Sports Equipment – Racquets, Uniforms
Camping Equipment – Tents, Shraf
Diving Equipment – Wetsuits, Snorkels
Gifts, Gifts – Game Software, Ties

In addition, Yamato Transport
x Miscellaneous Goods – Glass Tableware
It is illustrated as a medium detergent.