Nobel Prize Winners Announced 3 years in a row if Japanese winners are awarded

Nobel Prize Winners Announced From Today 3rd consecutive October 5th 4:02

The announcement of the winners of this year’s Nobel Prize will begin on the 5th, and it will be noted whether the 28th winner will be awarded for the third consecutive year as a Japanese, including 1 who has acquired American citizenship.
Based on the will of Sweden’s Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite, the Nobel Prize is given to people who have made a significant contribution to humanity, and the old man received the Medical and Physiological Award, and last year Akira Yoshino won the Chemistry Prize.

The announcement of the winners of this year’s
The 5th is the Medical and Physiology Award.
The 6th is the Physics Prize.
The 7th is the Chemistry Award,
The 8th is the literary prize.
The 9th is the Peace Prize.
The 12th is the Economics Prize.

This is the third consecutive year that the Japanese have won the award, and the third consecutive year of awards, following three years until 2002 and three years until 2016.

There are 27 Japanese winners, including 1 who have acquired U.S. citizenship, and it will be noted whether they will be the 28th winner.

The award ceremony in December will be scaled down due to the influence of the Corona Virus.

The award ceremony for the Nobel Prize, which will be held in December, will be reduced in size due to the influence of the Corona Virus, and depending on the award, the winners will not attend the ceremony and will receive medals and certificates at embassies and universities around the country.