Giants Tomoyuki Sugano’s 13th consecutive win from starting pitcher

Giants Tomoyuki Sugano 13 consecutive wins from starting pitcher Professional baseball record update October 6 23:05

Tomoyuki Kanno, the ace of the professional baseball giants, became the winning pitcher in the game against DeNA on the night of the 6th, extending his winning streak from the starting pitcher to “13” and set a professional baseball record.

Kanno started the game against DeNA at the Tokyo Dome on the night of the 6th, throwing seven innings and allowing three runs.

As a result, the winning streak from the starting pitcher was extended to “13”, and the professional baseball record set by Giants pitcher Hisashi Iwabuchi in 2004 during the Kintetsu era was updated.

In addition, Kanno reached 100 wins with a victory on the 6th.

This is the 138th time Kanno has been recorded, but this is the first time he has been born in Heisei.

In addition, the Giants’ record for consecutive wins from the first pitch of the season was the highest in the “13” set by Tsuneo Horiuchi in 1966, and Kanno was in line with this team record.

Kanno “I still want to improve my record”

Kanno talked about extending his winning streak from starting pitchers to 13 and updating his professional baseball record, saying, “Of course I have a sense of accomplishment, and I have a strong sense of joy and gratitude, but I don’t really feel that I did such a great thing.”

He also showed his willingness to update the record further, saying, “I think it’s hard to get the record that our foreers have built up, so I’m really happy to update it, and I still want to improve it.”

As for the fact that he reached 100 wins in total, he said, “I didn’t think I could win 100 games, so I’m really grateful to all kinds of people. At the Giants, Togo pitchers are doing their best, so I want Togo pitchers to do their best to do their best to do that,” said Togo Shosei, a 20-year-old junior on the team and a second-year pitcher.