Kyoko Fukada gives a lecture on surfing paddling to Sand Tomizawa

Actress Kyoko Fukada will appear on Fuji TV’s variety show “Interview with Rumored Customers Nationwide Clerk! 2 Hours SP” (21: 00-22: 52), which will be broadcast on the 9th. (From left) Mikio Date, Kyoko Fukada, Takeshi Tomizawa = Provided by Fuji TV This time, we verified the rumor that is being whispered in the world around Fukada based on his testimony. The first rumor is about Fukada’s favorite egg cooking skill, which is good at cooking. The egg dish appears in the studio and challenges the tasting. The second rumor is the secret of Fukada’s beauty. It is said that he is doing surfing that is good for maintaining his body shape, and he gives a lecture to Takeshi Tomizawa (Sandwichman) on how to paddle surfing in the studio. We will also examine two other rumors. (C) Fuji TV