SCANDAL struggles with the quiz of “mate tea” native to Argentina! 18 minutes to the correct answer!

The program “SCANDAL Catch up Supported by Meiji Apollo” where SCANDAL serves as a personality. They have a career of more than 10 years since their formation and debut, and recently they have many enthusiastic fans not only in Japan but also around the world. The concept of the program is to talk with “usual feeling” so that the “air”, “interest”, and “chat” released by these four people can be felt more closely.

We will deliver it with frank content as it is “Catch up” which means “How about these days?” In English. On the broadcast on October 5th (Monday), we will deliver the second installment of the popular “I see! The Catchup”!


HARUNA: The 2nd “I see! The catch-up”! The first time is very popular …

TOMOMI: Is it really popular …?

–Staff: Really! I have received emails from 10 countries around the world!

RINA: Really …

HARUNA: This is an email from Argentina.

–Staff: This was the second edition of Argentina, and the last time was Choripan.

Everyone: Ah!

HARUNA: Let me introduce you to email. From Johnny of Argentina. “It’s been a while! I didn’t write about the day I met SCANDAL in the previous message. On February 18, 2017, I went to the event of the best album” SCANDAL “. I couldn’t meet at the event in Osaka, but I could meet at the event in Nagoya. And the next day, we met again at an event in Shinjuku. Timo-chan said “See you again!” And I was very happy (…).

I traveled to Japan in March of this year, but I didn’t go to live because it’s Corona. And I went back 10 days ago to get into Argentina. I want to go to SCANDAL’s live next year !!! This is me “(sic)

HARUNA: So thank you from Argentina! This is a quiz from Argentina. Mate tea, a drink loved in Argentina, is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and chlorophyll, and is also known as “drinking ***”. By the way, what are the words that go into ***?

RINA: What did you do … It was really popular in Japan! I was drinking.

MAMI: Essence to drink! Cold medicine to take! (Boo, incorrect answer)

HARUNA: Drinking drip! (Boo, incorrect answer)

RINA:… Is it a beauty-oriented thing, is it healthy?

MAMI: Drinking gym! (Boo, incorrect answer)

RINA: It looks like it’s going to be mushy.

TOMOMI: Vegetables to drink! (Boo, incorrect answer)

MAMI: Drinking Euglena! (Boo, incorrect answer)

TOMOMI: Drinking leafy vegetables, green and yellow vegetables (boo, incorrect answer).

RINA: Drinking energy! (Boo, incorrect answer)

–Staff: Katakana is good!

TOMOMI: It’s not a vitamin to drink …

HARUNA: It’s hard today …

RINA: I was rehearsing too much today. Because I was playing until a while ago …

TOMOMI: Energy to drink!

RINA: I said that! It’s dangerous, this time is also chaos.

–Staff: It’s a word that kindergarten students can understand.

Everyone: Eh.

TOMOMI: Healthy to drink! (Boo, incorrect answer)

RINA: Drinking supplements! (Boo, incorrect answer)

TOMOMI: Calories to drink! (Boo, incorrect answer)

–Staff: 3 letters!

TOMOMI: Drinking supplements!

HARUNA: I said earlier!

TOMOMI: Sign to drink! Drinking sauna! (Boo, incorrect answer)

MAMI: (Begin to say one by one in the order of AIUEO) Drink Saa …… Sai …… Sau …….

HARUNA: This is the end of one (recording)!

–Staff: You can get it soon!

RINA: Can you get it right away?

HARUNA: Santa drinking! (Boo, incorrect answer)

RINA: It’s too scary, Akanyan.

TOMOMI: This will end uncut!

MAMI: (I’ll start saying one by one again in the order of AIUEO) Drink Saa … Sai … Sau …


MAMI: Drinking Sama … Sami … Sam … Shark … Samo … Saya … Sayu … Sayo … Sara, Da !!

Everyone: Ah! salad! salad!

RINA: Salad to drink!

RINA: It’s embarrassing … Let’s shorten this (on-air time) ….

HARUNA: Yeah! It took 18 minutes !? It feels bad to know the correct answer …

RINA: Really “I see” … I’m sorry …

* * *

It seems that the words are hard to come out and it is struggling from the first question, but when you listen to it by voice, the suffering doubles. Please enjoy this continuation at “AuDee”.

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