JO1 and ABEMA programs show new challenges one after another! Mamehara & Ohira show their talents in breakdancing !?

Global Boys Group JO1’s new regular program “JO1 Star Gather TV” will start on October 9th (22: 00-22: 30) at ABEMA. At the time of the first recording that was held the other day, all 11 people responded to the interview and talked about their impressions and enthusiasm for the recording. JO1 JO1 who participated in the first recording of “JO1 Star Gather TV” was selected from 11 trainees (beans) by a vote of viewers called “national producers” in the survival audition program “PRODUCE 101 JAPAN”. Formed by Issei Mamehara, Ren Kawajiri, Takumi Kawanishi, Yoshio Ohira, Shioen Tsurubusa, Ruki Shiraiwa, Keigo Sato, Syoya Kimata, Junki Kono, Hekai Kaneshiro, and Sho Yonashiro. In “JO1 Star Gather TV”, JO1 members aiming for the top of the world invite “Genseki-san” who is also aiming for the world in the same generation to the studio, and a dance battle with “Break Dance” youth Olympic gold medalist. We will challenge entertainment of various genres such as “memory sports” where 11 elementary school memory champions and JO1 will face each other, and “Kendama” performance where they compete with difficult techniques, and learn performances and their attitudes.

■ Motivation for “dominant pudding” and “painful patience game”

Mamehara said, “I hope that various people will know the individuality and personality of each of the 11 members of JO1 through the program. Also, I would like to know that Mr. Genseki, who comes to the program, taught me about JO1 in the future. I would like to do my best to make use of it in my activities. ” Kawajiri said, “In the program, we invite Mr. Genseki, who is the same generation as us and is aiming for the world. We will listen to various stories, have them perform, and stimulate each other to aim for the world together. Of course, I would like you to see us as well, but I hope more people will support Genseki-san. ” When asked what he wanted to do in the program in the future, Ohira said, “I tried the food repo at work the other day, but I had a hard time, so I would like to challenge such comments and food repo and get better and better. I think, “he said. Shiraiwa said, “I tried” Dominant OO “in today’s recording, but I thought about what I should do, and I wanted to challenge” Dominant Pudding “(laughs). The taste is different depending on the item. I think I can definitely do it! I’m looking forward to it, “he said. In addition, Yonashiro said, “I want to go to karaoke with 11 JO1 people and try to get 100 points.” Kaneshiro said, “It’s a painful patience game. I’m in charge of poker face, so I eat foot pots and spicy foods.” I’ll put up with it. ”

■ Tsurubo, Sato, Mamehara, Ohira challenge breakdance

In the recording, Tsurubo, Sato, Mamehara, and Ohira challenge breakdance. When Tsurubo recalled, “I thought it would be impossible to take on the challenge because of the difficulty I had imagined, but it was impossible after all,” Yonashiro said, “But it is important not to give up.” .. Sato said, “I’m not good at acrobatic feeling. When I tried it, I realized how amazing Genseki was.” Mamehara also praised “Genseki was really cool.” Ohira said, “I did my best with momentum. I used to do it a long time ago, but I remembered it after a long time. It was fun.” After seeing the struggles of the four people, Yonashiro wanted to incorporate acrobatics. “We JO1 didn’t incorporate breakdance so much, so I didn’t know if we could do it, but beans and Shosei decided to be a bee. I wish I could do acrobatics during dance or live performances in the future. ” When Tsurubo, who couldn’t name him, said, “I did my best,” Yonashiro laughed, “I also did my best.” Kawajiri seemed to be good at memory sports, where he competes with memory, and commented, “I think memory is good. It’s easy to forget what the question was, but I’m good at remembering people’s names.” “Mr. Genseki was an elementary school student, but he had enough memory to win even with 11 of us, so I’m looking forward to the future,” he said.

■ Kinjo praises the leader power of Yonashiro “I can help”

Yonashiro always looks at the whole thing, talks to the members, and makes comments when he should speak as a leader. When asked about his attitude, he said, “It’s about making a voice! I don’t really think about partitioning, but I value the atmosphere so that I can put it together in a fun and nice way. Everyone is helping me, so it’s just my power. No, “explained. Other members said “cool”. Regarding the leader power of Yonashiro, Kaneshiro said, “I thought it was amazing, even in the program where we appeared as a guest, I said quite a lot to the person who manages it, and that can be helped. It’s very good to hit each other. You can squeeze it, you can blur it, and you can adapt it to the situation on the spot. After all, you’re a leader. ” I’m sorry, “he added and invited laughter. Finally, Yonashiro said, “I was nervous at first because it was ABEMA’s first regular program as JO1, but gradually I started to enjoy it. It’s just JO1 I’ve never seen before. I think you can see one side of the members, so please pay attention to it, “he sent a message to the viewers. In addition, it is undecided how many episodes each project will be broadcast. (C) AbemaTV, Inc.