Nakamura Shido and Masahiro Matsuoka, the experience of being mistaken for each other “It is said that their faces are similar”

Actress Honoka Matsumoto and actor Nakamura Shido will appear on Fuji TV’s variety show “TOKIO KAKERU” (every Wednesday from 23:00), which will be broadcast today. Nakamura Shido = Provided by Fuji TV Taichi Kokubun asked, “Is it easier to understand if you fall in love?” Matsumoto shouted, “It’s easier to understand if you like it. The men are excited to show off their exciting love episodes when they were students. On the other hand, regarding Shido, Masahiro Matsuoka, who has co-starred in the stage “Is Edo Burning?” (18 years) and has a private exchange, reveals that he “has a strong belief.” In addition, when Kokubu asked, “Who is the most familiar with you in the entertainment world?”, Matsumoto, who said “I have few friends,” introduced the existence of the only actress who is a close friend. Shido replied “Matsuoka-kun” and confessed the experience that the two people “often said to have similar faces” were mistaken for each other, and the studio burst into laughter. (From left) Masahiro Matsuoka, Shigeru Joshima, Honoka Matsumoto, Shido Nakamura, Tomoya Nagase, Taichi Kokubun = Matsumoto, who finished the recording, said, “TOKIO is a person who has been watching on TV for a long time, so I was nervous. I enjoyed it with peace of mind because he accepted whatever I said. They are really nice people, just like the impression I had when I was watching on TV. “, Shido said,” It was a lot of fun. I was too nervous and sweaty. ” Comment on the impression. To the viewers, Matsumoto said, “I’ve been drawn out by everyone at TOKIO because I haven’t talked about it on other programs (laughs). I don’t have many opportunities to appear on talk shows. I hope you enjoyed it, “said Shido,” I’ve done everything with all my heart! I have a loud voice, so please pay attention to the volume of the TV and enjoy it! “Honoka Matsumoto = Same (C) Fuji TV