Nuclear waste disposal site Suttsu-cho, Hokkaido

Submission of signature requesting referendum for nuclear waste disposal site Suttsu-cho, Hokkaido October 7, 18:41 In Suttsu-cho, Hokkaido, which is considering applying for a survey over the selection of the final disposal site for so-called “nuclear waste” A local resident group has submitted a signature to the town requesting a referendum to ask whether to apply. The signature was submitted by the local resident group “Suttsu for Children without Nuclear Garbage! Townspeople’s Association”.

Before the town decides to apply for the “literature survey,” which is the first stage of the survey, the group should hold a referendum asking whether to apply, and signing activities to enact an ordinance for implementation. Was going.

As a result, the signatures of 214 people, which is more than one-fiftieth of the number of voters in the town, required to request the enactment of the ordinance, were collected and submitted to the town on the 7th.

The submitted signature will be examined by the town’s election administration committee, and the draft ordinance is expected to be deliberated by the town council.

On the other hand, Mayor Haruo Kataoka has indicated his intention to hold a press conference after the all-members council of the town council held on the 8th to decide on the application for the survey.

Mr. Hisashi Minami, one of the co-representatives of the residents’group, said, “I also feel that it is difficult for the ordinance to be passed and passed and the referendum to be realized. I want to think of a different method. ”