“The argument” is released from the 7th when a manuscript of the paper which is thought to be the oldest in existence is found.

A copy of the paper which is thought to be the oldest existing “argument” is found from 7th to 7th October 11:09

A copy of the paper, which is thought to be the oldest in existence of the “discussion” that summarizes the teachings of Confucius, an ancient Chinese thinker, has been found, and experts say it is “a valuable resource for looking at the original.”

The argument is a book that summarizes the words and actions of Confucius, a Chinese thinker about 2500 years ago.

It was found as part of a manuscript of a book called “TheRoning Yoshiyoshi” annotated with the text of the argument, and the Keio Library purchased it from a second-hand bookstore three years ago and started publishing it on the 7th.

When the research group conducted the research, it was thought that it was written in China around the 6th century because of the shape of the characters and the material of the paper, and then it was brought to Japan, and it was understood that it was believed to have been owned by Fujiwara in the Heian period.

A copy of the argument is that “Takesan” written on bamboo has been excavated in China and North Korea, but it is believed to be the oldest manuscript written on paper.

Professor Michio Sato of Keio University, who conducted the survey, said, “I was surprised that it was very old and miraculously left as being transmitted from person to person. It is also a valuable resource for looking at the original of the argument, and it is possible to clarify the appearance of the original while comparing it with other manuscripts found so far.”

This manuscript is on display at Maruzen Marunouchi Head Office in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo until the 13th of this month.