Tokyo Olympics and Para Simplification Reduction of 30 Billion Yen Reported to IOC Board of Directors

Tokyo Olympics and Para Simplification Reductions 30 Billion Yen Reported to IOC Board of Directors October 7 at 10:52 PM

The reduction in the simplification of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which was postponed to next year, will amount to about 30 billion yen, it was reported at the Board of Directors meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held on Thursday night. The organizing committee said, “The tournament was 90% ready, so it was difficult to reduce it, and the effect of the amount of money was limited. We will continue to make efforts to reduce

Last month, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Games agreed with the IOC to simplify the Games in 52 items, with the main objective of reducing the cost of the postponed Games, and has estimated the amount of reductions for each item.

As a result, the overall reduction amounted to approximately 30 billion yen at present, reported at an IOC board meeting held online on the evening of July 7.

According to the Organizing Committee, the main items with large reductions are approximately 15 billion yen for the review of temporary facilities such as the reduction of seats, approximately 3 billion yen for the review of the offices and staff of the Organizing Committee, approximately 1 billion yen for the review of decorations such as competition venues and athletes’ villages, and approximately 800 million yen for the review of the management method of the torch relay.

With regard to the Tokyo Games, the first-ever postponement of the new Coronavirus is expected to cost an additional hundreds of billions of yen to 1,350 billion yen in tournament expenses, and the challenge is to reduce the increasing expenses.

The organizing committee said, “Since 90% of the games were ready when the postponement was decided, it was difficult to reduce them, and the effect of the amount of money was limited.
However, there is a part that the reduction was able to be done with the cooperation of the person concerned because it was an unprecedented postponement. We will continue to make further reductions in the future.”

Especially effective simplification items and their reductions

Among the items that the Organizing Committee estimated the effect of the reduction by simplification, it is the item that is particularly effective and the amount of the reduction.

First of all, the level of temporary facilities and services at the venue, such as lighting and reduced seating, was revised to the extent that it did not affect the performance of the players, accounting for about 15 billion yen, half of the total.

Next, the organization committee’s office will be reduced, staff will be hired as soon as possible just before the tournament, and the optimization of personnel planning will amount to approximately 3 billion yen.

Approximately 1 billion yen will be made by adjusting the number of participants in the tournament by at least 10% to 15%.

Approximately 1 billion yen will be made by reducing decorations called “looks” such as signs and banners at competition venues and athletes’ villages.

Approximately 900 million yen will be used to optimize transportation services, such as bus schedules for athletes and Olympic families.

In the torch relay, which was supposed to maintain the number of days and runners, approximately 800 million yen was reduced by reducing the number of formations, the number of staff involved, and the decoration of events.

And, it is about 500 million yen by consolidating and operating the “Uniform Accention Center” which gives identification documents to hotels of the Olympic family.

Together, these seven items amounted to approximately 22.2 billion yen, accounting for more than two-thirds of the expected reductions of approximately 30 billion yen.