Corona Virus Restrictions on Entry: Resumption of Traffic in South Korea and Business, etc.

Corona Virus Immigration Restriction Relaxation Reopens in South Korea and Business October 8 at 5:15 PM

Business people and others resumed to and from South Korea on August 8 over the entry restriction measures for the Corona Virus antivirus. Users of flights from Narita Airport to South Korea said they expected the relationship to improve between the two countries, where relations have cooled.
As part of its efforts to ease immigration restrictions, the government resumed traffic to and from South Korea from August 8 for both short-term and expatriates, including business trips, as well as education professionals and international students.

On August 8, a Korean woman in her 20s living in Japan who used a flight from Narita Airport to Incheon, South Korea, said, “We are a country that is close to each other and has strong connections, so I hope that the resumption of traffic will have a good impact on the relationship between the two countries.”

Food import companies are also expected

A company in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, which imports food from South Korea, expects that immigration restrictions will be eased and lead to smooth trade.

This company imports processed foods mainly from Korea, mainly instant noodles and corn tea, but due to immigration restriction measures due to the spread of infection, it was not possible to travel to Korea for more than six months, and the import of new products was arranged.

With the resumption of traffic to and from Korea, short-term guests, such as business trips, were exempted from waiting for 14 days at home or at a hotel when returning home, which is expected to lead to smooth business.

Junko Guo, president of food import company Shine Oriental Trading, said, “Until now, we were required to wait when we returned to Japan, and it was a loss of time, but I am glad that work will be smooth in the future. I think economic exchange between Japan and South Korea will become more active.”