Ikebukuro runaway accident first trial defendant apologizes to bereaved families, pleads not guilty to the contents of the indictment

Ikebukuro runaway accident first trial defendant apologises to bereaved families, pleads not guilty to the contents of the indictment October 8 11:57

Last year, the first trial of an 89-year-old defendant who was an executive of the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry, who was charged with driving a car in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, killing his mother and children and seriously injuring nine others, was held, and while the defendant apologized to the bereaved family, he pleaded not guilty, noting that he had “some abnormality in his car and ran away.”

Kozo Iizuka, 89, a former executive of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, was charged with negligent driving fatal injuries in April last year in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, for causing the death of Mana Matsunaga, 31, and her eldest daughter, Kyoko-chan (3), by accidentally stepping on a brake and accelerator and ramming a pedestrian.

At the first trial held in the Tokyo District Court, the defendant stood up from his wheelchair, supported by a lawyer, and said, “I sincerely apologize to the bereaved families who lost their wives and daughters in the accident. I lost two of my beloved people, and when I think of their sorrow and heartache, I have no words. I also deeply apologize to everyone who was injured and suffered,” he apologized, bowing deeply to the bereaved families who participated in the trial as victims.

On the other hand, regarding the contents of the indictment, he said, “I remember that I never continued to step on the accelerator. I’m sorry that there was something wrong with my car that caused me to runaway and I couldn’t stop it.”

In response, prosecutors said in their opening statement that “the car has not been found to be abnormal during periodic or service inspections, and examining the car has not shown any abnormality.”

Takuya Matsunaga, who lost his wife and daughter, and other bereaved families used the victim participation system to participate in the hearing, and Matsunaga sat along with the prosecutor, staring at the defendant and listening to the story.